101 Ghost Hunting Questions Answered

I’m revising 101 Ghost Hunting Questions, Answered. It’s a major project.

It’s 2016. In the past few years, ghost hunting has changed. A lot.

People are asking different questions. They expect different answers.

Meanwhile, the contents of my 2014 book — listing 101 ghost-related questions, with answersis arriving at Ghosts101.com.

opening doorEach question is a new article.

The questions are divided into four categories: ghost hunting, ghostly encounters, ghosts and other spirits, and haunted places. That way, you can read what interests you, and skip the rest.

I’m adding the articles gradually, making minor edits as I go along.

Every few days, you’ll see one or two new articles at Ghosts101.com, until all the Q&As are there.

  • In most cases, the contents are are same as the 2014 book.
  • I’m revising references and updating anything really outdated.
  • Also, I’m replacing irrelevant questions, mostly related to TV shows. I’ll fill in with other questions & answers. (I have several that wouldn’t fit the original “101 questions” book limit. So, I’m adding them as I delete others.)

Meanwhile, I’m working on a new series of questions & answers, for a new series of short and focused “Ghosts 101” books.  The first book should be available in Kindle, late in 2016.

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Here’s the original article that appeared at this website:

As of October 15, 2014, the new, larger, updated edition of 101 Ghost Hunting Questions, Answered is available.

I’ve made many changes in this book, and I’ve added more current insights. I think I caught most typos and repaired them. (If you find a new one, let me know.)

101GHQs-O14-250hThe original book was written, in haste, in 2012. I wrote it to answer the top 101 questions I’ve been asked in comments and email. Many are beginner-level questions. Others are intermediate-to-advanced.

I focus on getting started in ghost hunting, choosing equipment, and which locations are best for beginners (and a few best for those with nerves of steel). I talk about the popular side of ghost hunting, sharing insider views of TV shows, movies, and books.  Also, I’m honest about what we don’t know… and questions we may never be able to answer.)

I share my views of what’s next, and offer some radical, kind of geeky suggestions. ( Such as: Blinking flashlights might lead us to our biggest breakthroughs, if technology proceeds as predicted.)

In most cases, I answer questions very seriously. Others include humorous, slightly sarcastic comments. I hope the difference is clear.

If you’ve wanted to become a ghost hunter — for fun or as a career — you’ll find useful insights among the answers in this book.

Author: Fiona Broome

Fiona Broome is an author, researcher, and media consultant specializing in ghosts, faeries, and alternate history. Her website, HollowHill.com (now EncounterGhosts.com) is one of the Internet’s oldest ghost-related websites.