A Quick Housekeeping Note

This morning, MandelaEffect.com moved to WordPress.com hosting. This means the “http://MandelaEffect.com/ ___” links won’t work, because WordPress.com’s hosting uses a different structure. (In fact, the URL – for now – is mandelaeffectsite.wordpress.com)

anxious monkeyThe reason for the sudden move is horrendous service at HostGator, where the Mandela Effect site was hosted for most of the past year. My strongest advice: never trust HostGator with your websites.

Fingers crossed, WordPress.com can handle the Mandela Effect site traffic. (That site averages 200k unique visitors/day. I’m not kidding.)

Early in July, I’ll re-evaluate my hosting options. Between now & then… well, I have a bazillion projects in-progress. Expect some cool announcements in the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, I’m uneasy mentioning exactly where I do banking, but their client support is the best, ever.  They had to get involved, since HostGator’s mistake involved my bank account.

I’m so impressed with how the bank handled the problem, I’d love to thank them – by name – here. For obvious security reasons, I can’t. (But, I’m adding a personal “thank you” to the client support guy who went far out of his way to be helpful… in case he reads this.)


Author: Fiona Broome

Fiona Broome is an author, researcher, and media consultant specializing in paranormal phenomena.