Free Downloads

The following are some of my free downloads, plus a few handouts from past events. I’ll continue adding more through Halloween 2017.


GhostbatFree Ghost Hunting Course Certificate – for those who complete my free course, currently being updated.


Baseline Yourself for Successful Ghost Hunting – Instructions and a chart to use before and during investigations.

Evaluating Famous Haunts – How to decide whether a famous location is worth investigating.

Evaluating Famous Haunts – Worksheet – A printable worksheet. (Goes with the above report.)

Haunted scene with moon and batGhost Hunting & Tragedy – Connections between ghosts and past events.

Getting the Most from Ghost Hunting Events – Preparing for the best investigations and fun.

Ghost Hunting Then & Now – An overview of ghost hunting history. (Originally from a Dragon Con handout)

Presentations – How to Organize Your Ghost Hunting Talks – If you speaking at an event, to a club, or to a library audience, use this checklist to look and sound professional.

When to Go Ghost Hunting (Using Folklore) – General advice, and an old-school method involving “planetary hours.”


Pendulum Chart – Numbers – If you’re using a pendulum and want a numeric answer (like “how old are you?” or “when were you born?”), this chart can help.

Pendulum Chart – Yes/No – If you’re using a pendulum and looking for a yes, no, or maybe answer, use this chart.


These are updated handouts from my Dragon Con presentations around 2008 – 2010. Each was in the context of a sci-fi or fantasy TV series. Of course, those shows were fictional, but some of the elements  could be used for real research.

My presentations and these handouts were not entirely serious. Many were in a “let’s pretend” context that my audience understood. So, don’t think I go around looking for alien rifts or all-powerful artifacts. (Dial these concepts down by about 90%, and that’s closer to my actual research.)

Homegrown Patterns (Dragon Con presentation) – Looking for patterns in news reports. An overview for people who enjoy conspiracy theories. (This referenced the TV series, Rubicon.)

Torchwood Notes (Dragon Con presentation) – I’m still a big fan of Torchwood. This handout is a crash course in identifying patterns related to UFOs and aliens.

Warehouse 13 Notes (Dragon Con presentation) – This handout talks about finding powerful and haunted objects, and related artifacts. It’s somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but the basic concepts are a core part of my paranormal research.

NEED TO BE UPDATED (linked items are still available for download, but not necessarily current advice)

  • Cemetery Pre-Research – What to do before the main investigation at any cemetery.
  • Haunted Cemeteries Mindmap – What to think about, choosing and investigating haunted cemeteries.
  • Fiona’s Field Guide to Entities and How They Manifest
  • Ghosts and Unplanned Provoking
  • Is Your House Haunted? – A brief checklist of things that can seem like ghosts… but they’re not. (This will be replaced in late 2017 or early 2018, when I publish an updated version of the related book.)
  • Ley Lines Mindmap – Things I consider when I plot ley lines for paranormal research. (Only for advanced researchers. This may be too confusing to leave online; for now, I’m undecided.)
  • Ley Lines of Atlanta (and other ley line maps)
  • Halloween Checklist (2014) – Prepare early for the best Halloween investigations.

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