Free Downloads

The following are a few of my free downloads and handouts from past events.

  • Some were created “just for fun,” for theme-specific presentation at Dragon Con, several years ago. They were not entirely serious.
  • Others have outdated information or links (or both) and are being phased out. I’ve already begun this process.
  • The rest are being updated for Halloween 2017, and I’ll link to those updated versions in late September and early October, as they’re available.

Meanwhile, the old versions are here:

Ghost Hunting

  • Evaluating Famous HauntsUpdated for 2016. How to decide whether a famous location is worth investigating. Three pages of instructions, and a worksheet you can use for each location. (Free download at Dropbox. No log-in necessary.)

Older Freebies, Certificates, and Event Handouts

The following are free downloads from 2014 or earlier. Most still include useful insights. All of these links are at Google Drive. (Note, in case you’re sharing these links with others: When I update these information sheets and worksheets for Halloween 2017, this list — and linksĀ  — will change.)

  • Cemetery Pre-Research – What to do before the main investigation at any cemetery.
  • Haunted Cemeteries Mindmap – What to think about, choosing and investigating haunted cemeteries.
  • Fiona’s Field Guide to Entities and How They Manifest (Too outdated to leave here.)
  • Free Ghost Hunting Course Certificate – from the version of my free course. (New version will be released soon. We’re aiming for Halloween, but can’t make any promises.)
  • Ghost Hunting and Tragedy– Connections between ghosts and past events.
  • Ghost Hunting Events – Preparing for the best investigations and fun.
  • Ghosts and Unplanned Provoking – (Too outdated to leave here.)
  • Ghosts Then and Now – An overview of ghost hunting history, from a Dragon Con handout.
  • Is Your House Haunted? – A brief checklist of things that can seem like ghosts… but they’re not. (This will be replaced in late 2017 or early 2018, when I publish an updated version of the related book.)
  • Ley Lines Mindmap – Things I consider when I plot ley lines for paranormal research. (Only for advanced researchers. This may be too confusing to leave online; for now, I’m undecided.)
  • Ley Lines of Atlanta (Outdated. Some of the points on some lines had normal – albeit odd — explanations. So, it needs to be redrafted.
  • Baseline Yourself – Evaluate your own feelings before and during investigations.
  • Halloween Checklist (2014) – Prepare early for the best Halloween investigations.

Coming Soon

  • Ley Lines of Haverhill, MA (USA) – This one is kind of astonishing. Even I didn’t expect what’s on this line.