Kick’n’ Back in Texas

Kick'n' Back in Texas, stories by Fiona BroomeKick’n’ Back in Texas is a collection of stories, legends, historical tidbits, and trivia about the Lone Star State.

Fiona Broome was among more than a dozen noted authors who shared their experiences and insights about life (and haunts) in Texas.

Among her stories in this anthology:

  • Learn about the UFO that crashed in Aurora, Texas… 50 years before something similar fell out of the sky and landed in Roswell, New Mexico.
  • Discover what makes Texas’ “blue light” cemeteries more than an Aisle 7 special. (There’s a logical explanation, but even that has a paranormal twist.)
  • Speaking of lights, get the inside story on Texas’ famous “Marfa Lights.”
  • Take a quick tour of the five most haunted places in Texas.
  • Explore the chilling history of Austin’s own “Jack the Ripper.”  When he stopped his killing spree in Texas, did he flee to the heart of London, England? Dig up the evidence that points to that conclusion.

In over 270 pages of fact, folklore, and fascinating stories — many of them written by Fiona Broome — you’ll discover things about the Lone Star State that will amaze, amuse, and intrigue you.

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