Paranormal Trends – Your Thoughts?

What are your thoughts about current and emerging paranormal trends?

Paranormal trends - your thoughts?In the past three weeks or so, I’ve received a virtual tidal wave of emails (and a few phone calls) from TV producers. They’re looking for a variety of things:

  • Ideas for new TV shows and series.
  • People to star on those shows.
  • People to be guest experts on those shows.
  • Researchers to find good locations for filming.
  • Researchers to dig deep to find related history, so the series/shows are authentic.

I’m a good historical researcher. Give me a topic or a possibly paranormal location, and I’ll find all kinds of related history and trivia to make the show more fascinating to viewers.

The rest…? Not so much. My only firm “no” is: I won’t appear in front of the camera. Not in the U.S., anyway. I value my privacy too much.

Since around mid-March 2018, TV-related emails and calls keep coming.  Lots of them.

So, dear reader, I’m looking for help.

I’m putting together a short article – and a free report – about emerging trends in paranormal research and entertainment.

I need your insights, to quote and – if you want me to – link to your website or social media account.

If you’re in my article or report (or both), it may increase your visibility. You might be contacted by a TV producer. If this sounds interesting, keep reading. (And yes, this is free. No strings attached.)

So far, I’ve identified the following five trends. You may or may not agree with me. I’m truly interested in your thoughts.

The Five Current Trends

  1. People are less interested in the adrenaline spike (“Dude, run!”), all by itself. Now, they also want more information, like exactly what is going on, and perhaps why it’s happening. They still want thrills, but they want to be assured that what they’re seeing is real.
  2. They’re revisiting the concept of haunted/energized objects. That covers “cursed” objects as well as weird things that keep landing back at the local second-hand shop. This is a more in-depth interest than in the past.
  3. The topic of demonic activity keeps cycling around, and it’s emerging again now. But, like point #1, above: viewers want deeper insights. (I’m not convinced this is suitable as “entertainment.” I’m just talking about trends I see in the ~500 emails I receive, daily, from my friends, fans, and followers.
  4. “Okay, it’s haunted. What now…?” That’s a comment I’ve been hearing as people joke about past TV shows. I’m not sure if they want a “where are they now?” segment about past show locations (and their owners), or if they want something that goes into really dealing with haunted houses.
  5. “What else is haunted/weird near [location]?” Or, “is there another place that has the same kind of weirdness as [location]?” Instead of a series of episodes that hop all over the landscape, people want a cohesive connection between the episodes. Think of it in terms of a scripted series, and each episode ends on a connected cliffhanger, not just a “Next week, on this show…” advertisement.

Okay, those are the trends I’m seeing in my research and in my inbox.

What I Need from You

I’ve asked several friends to share their thoughts and comments on these trends (and others that they see). But, I need to throw the information online, as soon as possible… and a lot of friends are as busy as I am. Or more busy.

So, I need your help.

Here’s what I can use:

  • Your views about paranormal trends in general, in real life and on TV, and what you’d like to see on TV (or even be involved with).
  • I’m looking for short blurbs (or single lines) I can quote in my article or free report. Think of this as a public service: with better TV shows, we may attract more serious, interested paranormal researchers. We need more (and better) research!
  • If you’re willing to work with TV producers, I’ll need a URL to link to, plus a short bio (which I may edit for clarity/length).

I need this information no later than Thursday, April 19th. (That’s when this request will vanish from this website.)

My article/report will be available on the 20th. The report will be a PDF anyone can download. I’ll share the link here, and at my Facebook Group (@FionaBroomeNews) and – automatically – at Twitter (@FionaBroome).

If you can share your insights about where paranormal research is going, next, or have other ideas & opinions to share, use this form:

(You can also leave a comment, but by April 20th, this entire article – and its comments – will vanish.)

Author: Fiona Broome

Fiona Broome is an author, researcher, and media consultant specializing in paranormal phenomena.