Weird Encounters

WeirdEncounters-350hWeird Encounters is the sequel to Weird Hauntings… another eerie, quirky book from the Weird U.S. team.

In 75 more strange tales — by ghost hunters such as Jeff Belanger, Fiona Broome, Jeff Davis, Scott A. Johnson, Troy Taylor, and over a dozen others — you’ll discover a wide variety of creepy haunts.

In this book, Fiona delivers more chilling information about Gilson Road Cemetery… possibly the most reliably haunted cemetery in New Hampshire, just over the border from Massachusetts.

In Boogeymen at Brennan’s, Fiona describes several agreeable ghosts who haunt Brennan’s, one of New Orleans’ most beloved restaurants deep in the stylish French Quarter.  One of them is the chef who invented the classic dessert,  Bananas Foster, lighting up restaurants across America.

If you’re planning a ghostly journey around Louisiana, be sure to read Fiona’s description of haunted Houmas House.  Once the home of the man who designed the “stars & bars” flag, associated with the Civil War, this home is haunted by a variety of strange spirits from a little girl to an extraordinarily tall former slave.

Fiona also tells the story the intriguing Wentworth wraiths, the ghostly maids leave no footsteps in dusty corridors rarely visited by the public.

From nightmarish nights out to haunted colleges and “institutional apparitions” such as the chilling ghosts that haunt Waverly Hills Sanatorium, you’ll find plenty of great stories — and reasons to sleep with the light on — between the covers of this can’t-stop-reading book.


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