Weird, Scary, and Unusual

Weird-Scary-350hArmchair Reader: Weird, Scary and Unusual‘ takes you on a hair-raising journey through the realm of the baffling, unexplained, and paranormal.  Join Fiona Broome, the author of many of these eerie stories, as you explore ghost stories, tales of crypto zoology, and just plain creepy events around the world.

If you’re a fan of strange facts and eerie tales, this is the book for you.  You’ll chuckle over just plain silly stories, like the truth behind “Milli Vanilli” and wacky Jelly Belly flavors.  You’ll shiver as you read disturbing, freaky facts.

And then, you’ll pull the covers over your head as you read Fiona’s research into fact and fiction at the Amityville Horror house, the Bell Witch, and the real “Hound of the Baskervilles.”

Discover presidential peculiarities, strange catastrophes, and Michigan’s real-life superheroes… including some who wear costumes.  Learn about animals that stood trial for their crimes, and those like “Mike the Headless Chicken” that defied the laws of nature.

This 500-page book will provide many hours of weird, scary and unusual entertainment, and stories you’ll want to explore on your own.

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