2018 – So Far, So Good

The past two years (or so) were tumultuous. I talked about that in my January 2018 post about what’s changing in paranormal research.

I spent a large part of 2017 re-evaluating my career direction, adjusting my business model, and taking preliminary steps – course corrections, in a way – to focus on my strengths.

In 2018, I’ve already made good progress. Here’s some of what’s been going on, behind the scenes.

Hallowfields, which will include all of my free ghost hunting courses, is still expanding. The first course – Introduction to Ghost Hunting – is at the site, and I’m adding to it, a little at a time.

Yesterday, we replaced all of my older YouTube videos to make each playlist distinct. It was a far bigger project than I imagined.

That paves the road so I can record & upload many more short videos for all of my websites, but especially for Hallowfields.

One of the most surprising aspects of that video project…?  Discovering how many decisions – and how many hours of work – go into an eight-second intro clip.  Wow. I have renewed respect for people editing TV shows and movies.

Meanwhile, editing and updating my books is also a more time-intensive project than I’d expected. Looking back, I regret asking my publishers to remove the old editions before the new ones were ready. (Oops.) I’m making progress, but have no ETAs yet.

Hollow Hill will be expanding, as soon as I have a little more time. For example, I still want to restore all of my podcasts, or at least the ones that are still valid. And, of course, add more articles.

People have asked why I don’t do more with the Mandela Effect site.

That’s complex.

First, MandelaEffect.com was intended as a “what if…?” site. It was a fun, quirky topic. For the first couple of years, it was a hobby site. I loved the weird, speculative conversations with people like Vivek, Julia, Mike, Martin, Gurluas, and so on.

Then, the topic’s popularity spiked and – with it – the time necessary to moderate/update MandelaEffect.com, as well as its hosting bills. Ugh. That’s not what I thought I’d signed up for.

Now & then, I consider redirecting traffic to the Wayback Machine. Then I realize the importance of the Mandela Effect site. It should remain online, and I should expand & improve it in my spare time.

Yes, I suppose I could go on TV & radio shows, or resume my guest appearances at Dragon Con, etc.  Yes, those could provide very nice income to support & expand the Mandela Effect website.

I turn down those opportunities, not just because I like my privacy. (But, that’s a large part of it.)

It’s also because the things some people say…  well, I don’t deal with those who insist that my motives are sinister.  Not when they’re extreme and high volume, and my rational arguments seem only to make things worse.

So, I opt for privacy and a happy life. I choose to do as much good as I can, online and in my community. Despite my unusual career, my life is pretty much mundane. I’m a devoted wife, a caring mom, and – in my own way – a hippie/idealist who just wants a better, happier world.

Every day, I like being the person who supports paranormal research with fresh ideas, important insights, and – for income – how-to books and some quiet, behind-the-scenes consulting for TV shows.

I know that old friends and new researchers are eager to learn about my newest discoveries. And I have so much to share, it’s probably time to post this and get back to work.

Author: Fiona Broome

Fiona Broome is an author, researcher, and media consultant specializing in paranormal phenomena.