2019 Website Changes

As 2019 approaches, I’m considering various improvements.

First, the websites.

First, the Ghost Hunting Websites

I’m in the process of improving my ghost hunting articles at HollowHill.com and Ghosts101.com.  (You may have noticed an increase in graphics and videos with my most popular articles. That’s just the beginning.)

Ghost hunting... it's back again, but different in 2019.Hollow Hill is a very large project, with over 400 articles currently on the site, plus another ~130 articles (mostly podcast-related) that I’d like to restore in 2019.

In addition, I’m hoping to add a new article weekly, usually on Thursdays.

(Ghost hunting is trending again, but it’s a slightly different audience. Britain is a major influence now. To get an idea of how things are changing, take note of channels like Really.)

Ghosts101.com features answers to the 101 most popular questions about ghost hunting and haunted places. I’ve been updating that site – and my answers – for several months. By mid-2019, I expect to complete that site’s renovations.

I’m redesigning Hallowfields.com with more, free mini-courses. Students have asked me to break down the big course – Introduction to Ghosts Hunting – into smaller, focused topics.  They’ve also asked for more videos. So, those are on my to-do list for 2019, as well.

Changes at Mandela Effect… maybe

2019 changes at MandelaEffect.com and Fiona Broome's other websites.By mid-2018, the Mandela Effect website (MandelaEffect.com) became unmanageable due to extremely heavy traffic.

I couldn’t even update it. I kept seeing error messages.

In December 2018, my other websites – on the same server – were stalling, too. That was unacceptable.

So, I shifted to the mirror site,  https://mandelaeffectsite.wordpress.com/

[As of January 2019, my sites are on more powerful hosting. But, when Mandela Effect interest spikes, you may still see some error messages and outages.]

In 2019, I may divide the Mandela Effect website into three smaller sites:

  1. The main site will feature the 25-or-so pages that most people always visit.  (The most popular articles from a year ago, are still most popular now.) Those topics include alternate memories about Forrest Gump, 51/52 United States, Nelson Mandela’s death in the 20th century, Berenstein/Berenstain Bears, Looney Tunes/Toons, and so on.
  2. A second site will be an archives with the rest of the “Major Memories” articles and comments. Each of those pages interest only about 5% of site visitors, while adding a lot more bandwidth “weight” (and sometimes wait, as well).
  3. A new site that focuses on Mandela Effect theories: Discussions about what might explain the Mandela Effect, and why it happens where & when it does. This third site is the only one I plan to update. (It’s also where my interests – and our earliest discussions – began, back in 2009. So, I’m kind of excited about this site idea.)

I’m still considering my options. Your feedback is welcomed!

Other Sites…

I’d like to make more time for serious faerie/folklore research, but – at the moment – my ghost-related projects are a higher priority.

I’m doing my best to avoid my “ooh, shiny!” tendencies. (Sometimes, that’s a challenge.)

So, I can’t promise to update or expand FaerieMagick.com in 2019. I’d like to, but… there are only so many hours in the day. (Until I find a time machine, that is. Anyone with a spare, let me know. LOL)

This website (FionaBroome.com) will continue as my personal blog, with insights about my research and related pursuits. And the occasional rant. And rave. And “what if…?” rambles.

And then – oh my – the Books!

Early in 2019, I’m planning to update & re-release most (not all) of my ghost hunting books.

Over the past year, I’ve spoken – in real life – with many ghost hunters, and I’ve seen a shift in interests and attitudes. Also, I’m seeing some interesting changes in how people approach investigations.

I’m excited about this, and glad I didn’t rush my book revisions. What interests investigators now… it’s refreshing. And, in some cases, very different.

But, yes, I’ve written over a dozen books.  So, this is a major project for 2019.

Consulting, among my favorite interests

In 2019, I want to make more time for consulting with owners of haunted & historic sites, plus TV & movie producers. I love finding locations and researching history.

And, I hope to get back to the U.K. to investigate more historic sites, and revisit some of the creepier British haunts I’ve written about in the past 20 years.

That’s what’s ahead for 2019. If you have any requests, leave a comment.

And, of course, I wish you a wonderful holiday season, and a happy new year.

4 thoughts on “2019 Website Changes”

  1. I hope that everything works out for you, Fiona. I like the idea of focusing more on theories about what is causing The Mandela Effect, and I hope that you’ll allow more discussion about conspiracy theories on that site, given that it could be that conspiracies are the cause of some Mandela Effects.

    Also, I don’t know if you have been paying attention to this, but that Luis Elizondo dude has claimed that the next batch of UFO-related stuff is coming early in 2019 from that To The Stars organization which was so instrumental in getting those US government UFO videos released back in December of 2017 when that UFO story hit The New York Times, so keep an eye out for that in the new year.

    1. Thanks, Mark! I feel like I’ve had a good break from the Mandela Effect, and have a better perspective on the odd comments that I saw, starting in late 2015.

      At the new site, I’ll approve some conspiracy theories, as long as they don’t wander into religion, politics, or anything that – to me, anyway – looks like a deliberate effort to destabilize people and make them question their sanity. I guess I’m concerned that some past efforts veered in the direction of making people more susceptible to external cues and a general mistrust of well-documented facts. (I’ve been in “trust your memories” mode for a while.) As long as everyone plays well together, and discussions remain analytical, I’m very interested in how some of the UFO/Sitchin/etc. theories fit with the Mandela Effect.

      I guess it’s a little like how I approach ley lines and paranormal research: I include every weird/quirky event that can be plotted in time & space, looking for patterns. I keep thinking more patterns will emerge in the Mandela Effect, as well. The tricky part is knowing which reports are legit, and which are being planted by multiple sock puppets, just to stir things up. It’s a tricky area to navigate.

      Mostly, I’m always pleased to hear from you, and glad you’ll be part of future discussions. Thanks!

      1. “Sock puppets”!! What a great name for the internet trolls! No need to publish this comment–I just had to say something.

        I’ve been hooked on your Mandela Effect site for a while. I’m excited to hear that you’ll be adding a bit to that side of things. Best of luck with your ventures. Happy holidays!

  2. The conspiracy angle can’t be anything but a bigger scam to corner the capital,the moolah that makes the world go around.G7 is quite a striking example of the aftermath of ww2,the war that wasn’t.

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