Ghost Hunting – 10 Abandoned, Haunted Places to Investigate?

Of course, I’m always searching for spectacular sites that might be haunted.

Lately, I’ve been exploring a resource I’d overlooked. It’s lists and articles about abandoned places.

This morning, I stumbled onto this article: 10 Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Places. They really are gorgeous.

Though some of them aren’t suited to investigations, others look ideal for paranormal research, if only for residual energy.

I haven’t plotted a ley line connecting them, but a line like that might be intriguing. Or – more likely – it might be all over the place, with no more than two connecting dots.

(I’m finicky about ley lines. Mine have to be straight lines, not curves or spirals, and the line needs to fall very close to each location.)

When we can travel again, I think these sites – and similar locations – might be fascinating to visit.

Research notes

Checking the history (and allure) of Craco, Italy (the second location in that article, and one I’d love to visit), I stumbled onto what may be the most haunted place in India.

Well, if you know me in real life (or have followed my career for very long), you know that anything involving curses, demons, or anything that sounds genuinely frightening… I’ll stay far away. I’m involved in ghost hunting for the history, the science, and the quirky (but fascinating) experiences.

But, I’m linking to that for more intrepid researchers who have fewer scruples (or perhaps phobias) about potentially dangerous entities.

(And yes, I’m far more enthusiastic about Craco and similar towns. Visiting them could be delightful fun.)

On the other hand, I’m not sure Florida’s dome homes are worth investigating. I’d need to study the history of the location. The home structures were used so briefly, they’re probably not haunted.

I’m not sure the history of the Danish lighthouse suggests that it’s haunted, but something about the energy of a historic site that was being consumed by Nature… I’d investigate it, anyway. (But, I’d dig into its history – no pun intended – before going there.)

It’s been moved to safety, but I think it’s still abandoned.

Michigan’s Central Station has already been used as a “haunted house” attraction at Halloween. But… yes, I’d be tempted to investigate it, anyway. I mean, really, most of those old stations are haunted (or so it seems). Add layers of residual energy from the Halloween events…? That could be a fun location to visit, with permission, before or after the renovations are completed.

And, for TV producers, I’d suggest a road trip to other abandoned Michigan haunts. Some are already known as ghostly, including two former psychiatric hospitals.

Last but not least, Eilean Donan Castle is a must-see, if only for the regional beauty. Of course, the castle has the kind of history that leads to hauntings… and plenty of ghost stories, as well.

So, though many of us are just “armchair travelers” right now, I hope those suggested journeys give you locations to dream about visiting, with a smile.

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