Course Changes and Books (Mid-August Update)

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Fiona’s News – Mid-August 2020

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Yes, the graphic with this post is flippant. Perhaps even silly.

That’s deliberate.

It’s been brought to my attention that people who don’t know me very well… they think I take myself far more seriously than I do.

Am I sincere…? Yes.  Dour and stern…? No. Not unless someone is behaving very badly.  (And even then, I’m likely to shake my head, make a razzberries noise, and walk away. lol )

So, this being summer – and a year when going to the local pool or beach isn’t an option – I decided to have some fun with this post. And use a graphic that’s more like me in real life.

Don’t worry; I’ll probably go back to ghost-y graphics for my next posts.

Meanwhile, here’s the news from my side of the keyboard…

The past few weeks have been busy, as usual.

First, we launched, though it’s just a hobby site for me, for now. I’m looking forward to having fun with this.

Then… I’m in the process of restoring my articles related to some (not all) anomalous EMF being evidence of a doorway opening, between the worlds. (They used to be at a site humorously called “the Broome theory.”)

I’ve always thought of it as a very speculative theory. But since more people are now talking about ghosts as time-slips, it was time (no pun intended) to make those articles available at

That list of links – with insights – is at an article titled Broome Theory Posts.

At least one long-time friend (Mark) already found that webpage, and he left an intriguing comment at it. This is one reason I enjoy so many online friendships: Each friend brings something fascinating to the conversation.

(If you visit that article and its links, expect some very “out there” theories. And no, I don’t take them entirely seriously. They’re speculative.)

Hallowfields news

Right now… I’m in the process of updating and expanding my Ghost Hunting for Beginners course (formerly “Introduction to Ghost Hunting”) at

So far, I’ve updated the first three lessons: Ghost Hunting Basics, Your First Ghost Hunt, and Ghost Hunting Tools & Talents.

I’m eager for reader input, of course. And, if there are enough useful comments, I’ll compile them into a book with my own additions. (Profits will be donated to non-profit groups helping to preserve the kinds of sites we enjoy investigating.)

So, comments are open at Hallowfields (with Akismet pro, to help filter spam). They’re open here and at most posts at Hollow Hill, as well.

The next Hallowfields lesson will require a week to update and expand. Maybe longer.

I’ll be pleased if the entire course is online by mid-September.

Book news

After that… I’m planning to revise and update my current books, and add new ones.

Yes, I’m still wincing at how quickly I threw together the latest edition of my “Is Your House Haunted?” book but I knew I had to get debunking info to those most worried that their own homes were dangerously haunted.

Now… well… it’s been such a busy summer, I only just noticed it’s mid-August. Wow…!

That means: a month from now, we’ll be heading into “ghost season” (Halloween). I’d like far more updated and useful information ready for new ghost hunters and pros, to make the most of a fun time of year. (Yes, I also need more hours in the day. Or days in the workweek. Or both.)

So that’s my latest news. And I hope you’re having a safe, happy, and healthy summer (or winter, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere).

P.S. If you’re at the coast, enjoy the salt air a little extra, just for me. (Feeding the seagulls is optional, but that’s something else my husband and I really miss at the moment.)