August Updates – Books & Courses

It’s been a busy summer.

The Ghost Hunting for Beginners course is back online at

Updating that course, I’ve focused on important points that new ghost hunters might not glean from watching TV shows.

Later, I may expand the course, but – for now – it’s more current and complete than the previous version.

Meanwhile, I’m discovering more, older articles related to extreme theories about ghosts and haunted places. So, I’m adding them to the Broome Theory Posts list. (Today, I found a brief article I’d written in 2006. So my interest in the quirky side of paranormal research extends at least 14 years. Wow.)

Also, I plan to update and re-release my book, Is Your House Haunted?

I wasn’t happy with how the 2020 edition had been rushed at the start of the year, when panicky people worried their homes were dangerously haunted. (Plenty of houses are haunted. Few are actually dangerous.)

Are you looking for places to investigate safely, and where it’s easy to maintain social distances? Take another look at Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries.

Due to the pandemic, it’s so much safer to go ghost hunting outdoors, I think cemeteries and battlefields are among our best research sites.

If you’re enthusiastic about cemetery research, you may enjoy historical insights in English Heritage’s “Caring for Historic Graveyards and Cemetery Monuments” (PDF). The photos are wonderful and the information can be useful. (Have you ever heard of a “graveboard”? You’ll learn about them in that report. Most of the graveboards I’ve seen were in Texas.)

Paradise Preserved…” (PDF) from the Gardens Trust is another worthwhile resource with additional, different insights about cemeteries and graveyards.

(If – like my husband and me – you’re concerned about the environmental impact of ghost hunting in cemeteries consider supporting Caring for God’s Acre. It’s a British charity to help preserve burial grounds and graveyards.)

That’s my latest news, as September approaches. Halloween will be here soon; it’s not too early to start making your October research plans.