Major Website Changes

Recently, after a security alert, I put most of my websites in Maintenance Mode.

It seemed the simplest solution while we sorted out a few issues… And generally stepped back and compared where we were in 2020, and where we’re going now.

(Hint: 2021 is much cooler. And more fun.)

Today, Hallowfields Ghost Hunting Academy is back online, with some changes, and more in progress.

Why so many changes…?  Well, late in 2020, traffic at that site changed in unexpected ways.

90% of visitors – most of them from the U.S. – skipped the free lessons altogether and went directly to the download page for the (also free) Certificate of Completion.

(I’m not sure why. Bragging rights…? Just because they could…?)

That’s disappointing, but… well, it’s the Internet. I’m reminded of the 1993 meme, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” (That’s not a typo; I really mean 1993.)

So anyway, to keep things simple, Hallowfields’ course certificates are no longer available.

But wait… there’s more!

Early in 2021, all of my ghost hunting sites saw  dramatic demographic shifts, as well.

As of May 2021, most of my sites’ visitors are from the U.K.  (I kind of love that. It gives me an excuse to investigate more British sites. In fact, once travel is back to normal, I’m not sure I even need an excuse.)

Are you wondering who else is visiting my ghost-related sites…?

Well, the next largest group of visitors is no surprise: They’re from the U.S., mostly the northeast states. After them, visitors are from Russia, and then India.

So, Hollow Hill is being updated and redesigned. It will be more accessible to global visitors, easier to navigate, and I’m expanding my U.K.-related  research.

Meanwhile, though the Hollow Hill site is back online, expect some (temporarily) broken links plus a few added security measures.

The timeline…?

Realistically, these changes will take months.  That’s so daunting, I’m trying not to think about it… but I’ll also admit I’m eager to make the site more useful for today’s researchers.

Even for me, it’s easy to forget that Hollow Hill has 500+ articles, and some were written over 25 years ago.

That was when most ghost researchers used film cameras, and relied on hiking compasses and dowsing rods to detect magnetic (and EMF) anomalies.

So, some of that site’s information is outdated.  (Oh, it’s still true, and you can still learn from it… but – oh my – we know so much more now.)

We’re also reformatting some of my Mandela Effect books, making them available through more bookstores. And we’ll publish the most popular titles in hardcover for public libraries and collectors.

So, it’s a busy time, but I’m rather excited about these changes and improvements.

2021 is turning into a very fun year. I like this!

Update: One of my publishers suggested a change for, and some of my other “hobby” sites.  After thinking about it overnight, I think his suggestion is rather brilliant. Expect an announcement in the next week or two (or three), as well as some significant site changes.