Your Update Messages – Changing

First, HUGE thanks to everyone who replied to my request for help, to understand what makes my websites and books – and me – different in paranormal research.

Next, important news…

Feedburner ceases email updates

If you’d subscribed to receive updates about my latest articles from this website (or Hollow Hill, etc.), those updates were delivered by Google’s Feedburner service.

Effective this week, Feedburner is no longer providing this service. I will send an email to subscribers when I’ve sorted this, and know what I’m doing as an alternative.

Meanwhile, if you want to be absolutely certain you don’t miss any updates, leave your preferred email address in the comments below. (That is not the place to leave comments about the Mandela Effect.)

No one but me will see your comment & email, and I’ll make sure you’re sent a message when I post a new article at this site.

Some sites under new management

Both and are shifting to new management – and perhaps ownership – by trusted friends. (This is still in discussion, but I’m firm about putting their management in the hands of others, at the very least.) will have a major redesign, and I’m not sure what to do with Hallowfields, yet. Fairies 101 will also be redesigned, but much later this year. (And, with my current action list, that probably means 2022.)

These changes will give me more time to revise my older books and publish new ones. And, most of those books will be available through a wide range of online and brick-and-mortar booksellers, as well as in Kobo, Nook, and so on.

This is a big project, somewhat overdue, but – also – very exciting.