The Rollout Begins

All of my websites are changing, starting now.

Oh, this project started months ago, but required a lot of behind-the-scenes work. Much of it is still ongoing, but some changes are visible now. More will follow quickly.

Broome Theory

Yesterday, we relaunched¬†As I said to a friend, “I’m letting all the crazy hang out. I’ve decided that people are going to mistake my whims (and whimsy) and speculation for seriousness, anyway. So why not distinguish the fun stuff and share it, and prune down Hollow Hill so it focuses on the mainstream, nuts-and-bolts aspects of ghost hunting.”

Broome Theory was online briefly, between 2015 and 2016. Today, it’s a small, very focused site with extreme theories and concepts, mostly related to quantum studies. I plan to add to it as time – and scientific resources – are available.

Hollow Hill, the ghost hunting website

The next relaunch will be With over 500 original articles – some how-to info, some case studies, and some blog entries – it had become a behemoth.

Navigating the site has been a nightmare. 70% of the articles haven’t been viewed by anyone in the past six months, though many of those articles share useful tips and insights for ghost hunters.

So, in a day or two, Hollow Hill will be hidden behind an “Under Construction” sign, as we replace it with a streamlined, easier-to-navigate version. The site should be back online within the following week… by July 24th at the latest.

(Many Hollow Hill articles are moving to topic-specific sites, free worksheets, and other resources. is just one them.)


Hallowfields Academy was a fun idea, but – with 90% of visitors skipping the lessons and going directly to the free (honor system) Certificates of Completion downloads pages… it looks like a failed idea.

The basic lessons will remain at, for now. We have other plans for expanded lessons, later in 2021, and the core articles may move to Hollow Hill.

Late July update: We decided to move the core Hallowfields Academy articles to Hollow Hill immediately. It streamlines website maintenance, and – after seeing how much time it took us to redesign Hollow Hill – I’m keen never to have to go through such a huge overhaul again. (Frankly, I want more time for my books.)

Ghosts 101

Ghosts 101 was my way to reply to readers’ most-asked questions. Then, it became a book. Now, we’re moving the most evergreen questions (and answers) to Hollow Hill.

Fellow author Jake Camden will be taking charge of the site, to share his own ghost hunting insights and experiences. He has a fresh outlook on the field, and I’m eager to see what he does.

Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect, like Hallowfields, started as a whimsical, “what if?” project.

After a few years, it stopped being fun when trolls flew beneath the radar and some visitors’ comments drifted in dark, cryptic, and Borg-ish directions.

I halted comments altogether when the site was openly (and viciously) criticized for not endorsing related conspiracy theories. DDoS attacks followed, and so on.

My reaction was, in part, sadness. I’d really loved our early conversations at that site.

But I also recognized that website’s lifecycle as normal among innovators. My biggest regret is not recognizing the warning signs soon enough.

That site’s archives will be back – in books you can borrow at public libraries – and fellow author Dace Allen will be in control of

Though Dace is best known as a quiet (but opinionated) historian and UFO enthusiast, I think/hope he may bring a fresh slant to the site, later in 2021 (or early 2022, depending on his speaking & writing schedules).

Late July update: Dace agrees with me that Broome Theory and the Mandela Effect are (probably) two sides of the same coin. In fact, Dace may have been the the first one to suggest it. (“Ghosts” may be people – alive and well in their own reality and time – who are shifting into our reality, or at least brushing close to it. And we may be doing the same, shifting briefly into others’ realities, and taking those alternate memories back to our home reality.)

Either way, I plan to write an article or two about this, as time permits, because the topic is very timely. (No pun intended.)

My most neglected website, and least focused, is also one of my oldest. Its content is mostly from the 1999 version of Hollow Hill. (The latter name came – in part – from Ireland’s “hollow hills” of the Tuatha de Danann. Their possible UFO and Hollow Earth connections are how Dace Allen and I first met, at an amusing “green room” conversation at Dragon Con.)

I have no idea what I’ll do with that website. So, for now, it will remain neglected, though we may reformat the site to reduce load time.

Other Sites

I’m working on one completely new, ghost-related website, with an ETA of late 2021. It’s planned for a very specific ghost hunting community, with a focus on experience more than science. Less “Dude, run!” and more “Ooh, cool!”

We may also spin-off additional sites from Hollow Hill content. That’s still under discussion, and – as we focus on the rest of these major projects – it’s not a high priority.


Now you know what’s going on, and what to expect in the upcoming days, as well as during the rest of 2021.