2022 – A New Year, New Projects

It’s 2022 and it’s time for some big changes.

After several years in Florida, we’ve returned to New England and ready to resume ghost research in this area. It really is one of the most haunted parts of the United States. And, for me, one of the most fun areas to explore.


Of course, with snow still on the ground in some of my favorite parts of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, most investigations are still “on hold.”

This month (March 2022), I’ve started re-releasing the Mandela Effect archives books, so that people will understand the real roots of that topic.

(Yes, much of it can be attributed to false memories and mistaken news reports… but some of it isn’t that easy to explain. The latter are what interest me most, along with the fun of explanations straight out of speculative fiction.)

Mandela Effect – What is it?

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I’m also working on re-releasing my most popular ghost-related books, and outlining new ones.

Later this year, I’m looking forward to researching remote, haunted locations with quirky histories.

One site that I want to explore more: America’s Stonehenge. I’ve investigated it in the past, but I feel like something (perhaps something big) was overlooked.

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Thanks to Mikhail Nilov for the photo of trees, and to Blue Arauz for his photo of Maine.