About Fiona

About Fiona Broome

It seems bizarre to admit that I have over 40 years in ghost research, but there it is. Eerie places and weird phenomena have been a lifelong fascination.

Mostly, I focus on haunted sites and ghostly anomalies.

So, I’m a reliable resource if you are…

A TV or movie producer in need of fresh, eerie locations or reliable historical research, or both.
An aspiring ghost hunter or pro, and you want fresh insights for finding & investigating paranormal phenomena.
Are a tenant or homeowner experiencing ghost-like activity in your home or workplace, and you need answers and (perhaps) solutions.
An owner of a commercial, haunted site, and you’re looking for verifiable, historical documentation to support your ghost stories.
An editor or publisher in need of research, chapters, or stories for current projects.

For most projects, I can work remotely. Really.

I (flippantly) describe myself as a “blip analyst.”

I look for odd things, not just ghosts, though the latter are my specialty.

I study what connects eerie locations, to better understand the phenomena, what causes it, and where to find similar anomalies for further research.

If you need a ghost story or phenomenon debunked, I’m skeptical enough to scrutinize the evidence carefully. I know many (but probably not all) ways to fake a haunting.

But, if you’re looking for support for a ghost story or anomaly, I’m enough of a believer to look for – and often find – the kind of evidence you seek. I’m a skilled historical researcher and genealogist. (Keep in mind: There’s no absolute, 100% reliable proof that ghosts exist.)

I want every cool ghost story to be true, but – in real life – I fact-check the tales and follow the evidence wherever it takes me.

How to reach me

Most weekdays, I see any comments left at the Facebook Fiona Broome page. Also, I try to check LinkedIn regularly, but a comment here may reach me faster. (All comments are manually approved, so I’ll be the only one to see it.)

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