About Fiona

Hello, and thank you for visiting my website.

About Fiona BroomeAs an author, I write about multiple topics, including ghost hunting and haunted places.

My first ghost-related articles were published in Fate magazine in the 1970s.

I began my first ghost-related website in the mid-1990s. My websites are where many of today’s ghost hunting TV stars first developed their skills.

Since then, I’ve witnessed dramatic changes in paranormal research.

As of late in 2020, I’m updating my older books to reflect new discoveries in science and paranormal research.

I’m also developing a line of shorter, topic-focused books for modern audiences.

To have focus for this, in a field where my research is often misunderstood, I’m phasing out most online activities.

As a researcher, I assemble small, selectively chosen teams to investigate intriguing, paranormal sites.

Usually, we explore locations with obscure ghost stories… places that the public rarely hear about.

Sometimes I write about them at HollowHill.com. Often, I don’t. When I mention a haunted site, it soon becomes popular.

As a media consultant, I use history, genealogy, and geography to confirm (or debunk) site owners’ concerns, and find unexplored haunts in the U.K. and U.S.A.

When I research well-known haunted places, I go far beyond the popular legends. For me, it’s a personal challenge to discover the truth.

I consider myself more of a “ghost historian” than a “ghost hunter.”

So, in addition to online research, I enjoy exploring records in dusty old libraries and church archives. I interview local historians and others, to determine if a site truly has unexplained phenomena.

Often, I focus on haunted sites that most people don’t know about, yet. For some producers, I’ve identified “hot spots” where they’re likely to find multiple haunts for several shows. (It’s easier to film several shows in one area, even if they’re aired weeks or months apart.)

I prefer not to be in front of the camera. I like my privacy.