Fiona Broome

Fiona Broome has always been interested in the unseen worlds of ghosts, faeries, and crypto. However, she was also raised in the halls of MIT, so she looks for the science behind “paranormal” phenomena, as well.

After over 30 years’ research in paranormal fields, she’s still investigating, and sharing her discoveries with her many friends and fans.

For a more complete bio, see the About Fiona page at this website.

Her websites include Encounter Ghosts, Ghosts 101, the Mandela Effect, and – for fun – Faerie Magick.

Ghost Hunting in Tilton, New Hampshire

Ghost Hunting in Tilton, New Hampshire

The dead don't always rest peacefully in NH's Lakes region, especially around Tilton. (This Kindle book is 99 cents during January 2018.)

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