Changes Ahead, Here

In the past couple of months, so much in our world has changed. It’s astonishing.

And, at my publisher’s urging, I’m shifting even more of my focus to books. That makes sense, since I’m in stay-at-home mode, anyway.

So, this website is changing to reflect that. It will feature more of my books as well as free downloads – worksheets, etc. – related to them.

My main publisher and I are still discussing whether I should have a separate blog for articles that aren’t specifically about my books.

Since my books represent a wide range of topics – and websites – I’m not sure a blog is necessary.

In fact, a blog might be more trouble than it’s worth. Even at this site, people still ask me to confirm their personal Mandela Effect memories, etc… and I’m sorry, but that’s something I cannot do.

For questions like those, my advice remains the same:

    • If you’re concerned about your memories or mental health, speak with a professional – such as a doctor – who specializes in memory issues.
    • If you’re certain your house is haunted, contact a trusted priest or minister at a local, mainstream church.
    • Don’t look for help from strangers, especially online. That includes me, TV stars, and so on. Online and on TV, appearances can be deceptive. If your questions are serious, speak with local, trusted professionals.

Meanwhile, I think everyone’s wondering what’s ahead for researchers.

Me…? I have no idea what the new “normal” will be, even a few months from now. Everything seems to be changing, and – if you look at history – that’s how some of the most important progress is made.

So, while the current pause in our everyday routines may be uncomfortable, it’s also a chance for us to review what’s important. We can take broad steps at improving the things that matter most. And, we can reduce information overload, and get back to basics.

I’m working on books – updating old ones and outlining new ones – and wondering how we’ll organize ghost hunting events in the future. (Meanwhile, most haunted cemeteries are free to explore, and it’s easy to maintain social distancing at them.)

One thought on “Changes Ahead, Here”

  1. For a minimalist like me nothing has changed,watching videos reading books or emailing,googling on a 1.8 inch screen of 2g nokia phone,i have earned the awe of my associates,flashing large phones yet asking me to work out all their woes via my tiny gadget.So no multiplexing for me,Jason Statham looks as large as he should on my tinny.Lockdown hardly makes any change to a naturalist and minimalist like me.

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