Report a Paranormal Location

If you’ve discovered a paranormal location that’s been overlooked, let me know about it. This includes anything paranormal – ghosts, faeries, Bigfoot, UFOs, time shifts, bizarre (and abrupt/unpredicted) weather, and so on.

All of this goes into the database I use to confirm or predict locations likely to report additional paranormal phenomena.

You can comment on this page. If you ask me to keep it private, no one will see your comment except me.

Or you can use the contact form, below.

I read every comment, as well as every email sent to me, but – due to the volume, daily – I’m unable to reply to them.

How to report a paranormal site

Start with the address.

Also, I’ll need to know whether it’s a private site (a residence or business), or if it’s open to the public and to paranormal investigators.

If it’s a private site, I’ll add it to my database but this information (including your comment, if you leave one) won’t appear on any of my websites. It will help me identify other paranormal places and confirm the likelihood of truly paranormal activity at nearby locations.

Note: I share patterns of activity with other serious paranormal researchers, but not specific locations when it’s a private home or business.

If the site is open to the public, include a link to the related webpage.