Fiona Broome’s Sampler

Fiona Broome’s Sampler

This was an informal, limited edition "sampler" of Fiona's book notes.

Just 20 copies of this book were printed, signed, and numbered.

About the Book

A total of 20 copies of Fiona Broome’s Sampler were given to selected friends — mostly fellow speakers — attending Dragon Con (Atlanta, Georgia) in 2010.

This was one of Fiona’s first presentations of the Mandela Effect concept, long before the subject became popular.

In this sampler, each chapter was an excerpt from one of Fiona’s recent and upcoming (planned) books, as of 2010. Most were “first drafts,” complete with asides, half-baked ideas, and (probably) many typos.

Chapters included notes about:

  • Paranormal Patterns
  • Paragenealogy
  • Ghost Photography 101
  • Introduction to Ghost Hunting
  • Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries
  • Is My House Haunted?
  • The Mandela Effect
  • The Ghosts of Salem, Massachusetts

This book will not be reprinted, and no additional copies are available.

Genre: Book Archives
Publisher: Fiona Broome
Publication Year: 2010
Disclosure of Material Connection: If you click on a link to any of Fiona's books and purchase an item at Amazon, Fiona will receive a commission and payment for that book. We disclose this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

2 thoughts on “Fiona Broome’s Sampler”

  1. I recently came across a copy of this book inscribed to the author and film writer, Phillip Nutman. It is number 16 of 20 and the inscription says “To Phil, Dragoncon 2010”. My understanding is that this was only given to friends at Dragoncon and was not published anywhere else. Is that true? Any ideas what this book may be worth? Any information would be appreciated. It has some fun and interesting samples. Not looking to sell, just curious about its value since it is so rare.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi, Lynn!

      What fun, that you have a copy!

      That book was published in haste and just on a whim. I wanted to share some of my works-in-progress with a few friends at that Dragon*Con, so I threw together some sample chapters — warts and all, as they say — and turned it into a limited edition book. When people asked me what I was working on, it was simpler to hand them the sampler than try to describe some of my more complex research ideas.

      Only 20 copies of that book were published, and all were gifts to people I chatted with at the convention, usually in the “green room” between our speaking gigs and panels.

      Some of the book samples never became books. Others were radically changed from that sampler. A few were published with content similar to what you’ll see in that book.

      I’m not sure that it’s especially collectible right now, but some of my fans are very enthusiastic and take pride in owning everything I’ve written.

      In 20 or so years — maybe less, if I’m more focused with my research and writing efforts — it may be valuable. For now, I haven’t a clue.