Ley Lines for Ghost Hunters

Ley Lines for Ghost Hunters

Only briefly published.

This book was published for just a few weeks, before readers' questions made it clear: This topic needed more how-to insights, and sample maps.

About the Book

Fiona wrote and published this introductory book in October 2012. The response was unexpected. Readers were excited to use Fiona’s ley lines techniques, but they wanted more, deeper insights, as well as more sample maps.

Fiona plans to expand this book and republish it, in the future.

From the original Amazon listing

Ley Lines for Ghost Hunters, by Fiona Broome, brings ghost enthusiasts a new approach to finding and evaluating haunted sites.

Start with a map, a few ghostly (or just plain weird) locations, and a ruler. Add Fiona’s insights.

You’ll connect the dots (literally and figuratively) to understand why the ghosts hang out where they do.  Then, you’ll use those same lines to uncover hidden treasures among “wicked good” haunted sites. Then, you’ll discover how to dig up even more locations where you may find ghosts.

Since 2003, Fiona has been testing ley lines for ghost hunting.  She’s the first paranormal researcher to share this technique with the ley lines community. She’s also the first to document the energy lines that connect haunted places, and to use them to find unreported ghosts, as well.

This is a short introduction, part of a series of books teaching paranormal researchers how to use ley lines in new ways.  Once you know how to use ley lines for your ghost hunting, you’ll be able to predict where else the ghosts are… with uncanny accuracy.

Amazon book description

Ley lines can point the way to unreported paranormal sites. They may be the most intensely haunted sites you’ll ever explore.

In this book, you’ll learn to connect paranormal locations on a map, plotting ley lines… your own ghostly “treasure maps,” leading you to more haunted places.

Discover what ley lines are, how they work for ghost hunters, and how you can create these surprisingly accurate maps, no matter where you are.

Get ready to learn about paranormal activity at new, hidden, and “hiding in plain sight” locations. This is your guidebook to fresh encounters of the ghostly kind.

Genre: Book Archives
Publisher: Fiona Broome
Publication Year: 2012
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2 thoughts on “Ley Lines for Ghost Hunters”

  1. Hi ~
    May I ask if it is possible to download a copy of Ley Lines for Ghost Hunters?
    Or is the new edition out for purchase?
    Thank you so much for your time ~
    Lee Ann

    1. Hi, Lee Ann!

      The old edition of the book isn’t available. The new one is in progress and will be published — in digital and print formats — at some time in the future. (This is a bigger project than I’d expected.)

      The new one will include several new ley line maps including the US, Canada, and the UK.

      Thanks for asking!