For Producers, Journalists, and Authors

I’m happy to work with professionals in media-related fields, including authors, journalists, and producers. However, I rarely investigate private homes or businesses. (I may make an exception for extraordinary haunted properties.)

To contact me, leave a comment below and include your contact info. No one will see it except you and me.

Important: During busy times of year, including about 60 days before Halloween and two weeks after it, allow extra time for a reply.

FAQs – browse this to save time (for both of us)

Authors and journalists

If you’re a journalist, I’ll do my best to respond in a timely manner. Generally, it’s fine to quote anything I’ve said at any of my websites, as long as it’s in context. (If you’re not sure if I’m being sarcastic, ask me; my humor can be very dry. Sometimes, that doesn’t convey well in text.)

If you’re an editor or publisher, tell me what you’re looking for, when it’s due, and so on. I rarely write for others, but sometimes a project or topic intrigues me. If I can make time for it, I will.

If you have a podcast or radio show, I usually say no. The problem is simple: Where we live right now, there are no landlines, which most radio shows insist on. Our mobile phone service isn’t reliable, and our Internet connection drops regularly, albeit briefly. (My neighbors place their calls from their balconies or nearby yards. So, I know far more about their private lives than I’d ever wanted to.)

I do not participate in interviews related to the Mandela Effect.  Since our earliest conversations, over 10 years ago, that topic has morphed into something completely unintended. (I loved our early discussions. Now – especially when confronted with related conspiracy theories – I’m likely to gasp in horror and mutter rude words. And wish I’d handled the topic differently from the start.)

If you’re an author and want a cover blurb or a book introduction, ask if I have time for this. However, during hectic seasons – such as around Halloween – I may have to decline. (Also, I’ll need a PDF of your book to read, first.)

If you’re an author and want me to review your book, this is important: My reviews are blunt and honest. If I like something, I say so. If I disagree, I say so. Also, I tend to write reviews every few months, in batches.

Owners of haunted hotels, stately homes, and historic sites

I love to research wonderful old haunted sites, and try to make time for them, even when I’m busy. If you need documentation – including historical information to support your hauntings – I’ll do my best to make time to work with you. (A lot depends on how convenient the location is, and how many other clients I’m working with.)

However, if your site turns out not to be haunted, I’ll be frank about that, as well. When you hire me, you get my very best work… and my honest insights.  And, I guarantee confidentiality, unless you give me permission to tell others about my investigation and my conclusions.

Producers, cast & crew

If you’re a TV or movie producer, here’s what to expect:

  • Your contact info should be something I can verify with a recognized production company or network. (A ridiculous number of pranksters contact me and claim to be TV stars. Apparently, they don’t realize I know those stars in real life, and most of those stars know exactly how to contact me directly. Or they can ask a mutual, real-life friend.)
  • I can act as a location scout, on- or off-site. I use a variety of methods for this, based on history, geography, individual reports… and what I call the “secret sauce” of my research. Sometimes, I can do this remotely; I don’t always have to be on-location.
  • I can tell you if a location seems genuinely haunted or if it’s over-hyped and it’s likely more urban legend/trope than fact. That’s based on history, geography, etc., as well as what I find online and what you tell me. In most cases, I can do this remotely.
  • On-or off-site, I can tell you the areas most likely to have film-worthy activity.  I’ll need photos and a floor plan or map. In some cases, I can tell you the “hot spots” within a few feet (or less) of where you’ll detect paranormal activity.
  • I can teach cast and crew the basics of ghost hunting. This is best done in-person. It doesn’t have to be at an actual, haunted site. Many of my methods are based on traditional, low-tech research techniques that work. (They can be verified with ghost hunting equipment for added authenticity/effect.)
  • I’m also familiar with people’s reactions to paranormal encounters… what to expect, what to believe, what to be concerned about, and what’s probably just “jumping at shadows.” This is useful for actors as well as shows’ investigative teams and directors. Many viewers can spot what they think is a fake or exaggerated reaction. In some cases – but not all of them – the viewers’ opinions are right. Let me help you avoid blunders that can discredit your production.
  • But, while I’m delighted to work as a consultant, I won’t appear on-camera. I’ve never wanted to be a star. It’s a privacy thing.

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8 thoughts on “For Producers, Journalists, and Authors”

  1. Hi Fiona,
    I’m the author of the recent book, the Simulation Hypothesis: An MIT Computer Scientist Shows Why AI, Quantum Physics and Mystics Agree We Are In a Video Game, about the idea that we live in a computer generated reality.
    I’m a fan of investigating Mandela Effect and am exploring the intersection of this effect and simulation theory. I was wondering if I might interview you for an upcoming article or book that I’m starting on, or for my podcast, the Simulated Universe.


  2. I believe that’s not really the case. Yes, he died. In both the 1980s, and in my time. I remember the funeral being in 2013. It was broadcast on television. My grandmother Had told me he had died long before 2013. Before I was born. Which was in 1990, mind you

  3. Hello Fiona, my name is Anastasia, I am from Russia and I am writing a scientific paper about the Mandela effect so that people from my country will learn more about this effect. I am very interested in what other points of view exist in your opinion about this effect besides the official one.
    P.S. I will be very glad if you answer me.

    1. Hello, Anastasia. I think the three leading opinions are: It’s entirely false memories, it’s the result of mistakes in reporting, and it’s a quantum physics issue. Of course, I like the latter the best, but the other two explanations must be considered on a case-by-case basis.

    1. Hi, Paul! I’m flattered, but must decline. That’s partly due to my current schedule, and partly because the intensity of the hate mail (etc.) has increased again. While I don’t take most of it seriously, I’m wary about public appearances… for now, anyway.

  4. Hello Fiona,

    I’m interested in chatting with you about creating a Ghost Hunt on the self-guided Adventure app, eATLAS.
    I’ll be in Austin later this week and early next and would love to connect.

    1. Hi, Kelly!

      Sorry for the late reply. It’s a busy time of year. I’m not in Austin right now, but I’ll email you about this. It sounds like fun!

      In haste,

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