Mandela Effect – The Books Are Back!

The Mandela Effect “Major Memories” archives are back, and – for now – free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

They’re a a 15-book Kindle series with over 4,000 comments from my original website.

Here’s the backstory:

The Mandela Effect site was fun in 2009. Conversations were bright and entertaining, with just enough science in the mix.

Comments flew back and forth, sometimes at a rapid clip. It was geeky fun, and the best kind.

But by 2015… the Mandela Effect site had generated controversy. Apparently, it made some people uneasy.

Regularly, the site was forced offline by critics’ steady DDoS attacks, as well as enormous surges in visitor traffic by people newly discovering the topic.

At one point, the site was crashing 50+ times a day, sometimes for hours.

After trial-and-error tests, the simplest way to keep the Mandela effect site online (at least most of the time) was to remove 90% of those conversations.

So, reluctantly, I did. You can read some of the first comments at the Major Memories – Page 1.

The beginning of the Mandela Effect Memories books

I wasn’t willing to let those conversations be forgotten. That’s why I placed all of the Major Memories comments into books, and made them free to read in Kindle.

Those books were popular at first, despite some unattractive comments and one-star reviews, basically saying, “Don’t read this book!”

Then, others published their own Mandela Effect books, paid for advertising at Facebook and Amazon, and — with those books’ popularity — these Major Memories books were shuffled to the virtual, dusty back shelves of Amazon.

I thought most people had lost interest in the topic. And maybe they had.

Change the distribution?

Mandela Effect Memories books are backShortly before Covid changed our social landscape, my publisher and I explored a change in distribution of the Mandela Effect Memories ebooks.

Surveys suggested that Mandela Effect fans wanted the ebook in Kobo, etc., so they could borrow them from public libraries.

However, this meant removing the free versions from Kindle. I was uneasy about that.

Reformatting the books was going to be a major task and, uncertain about those books’ success, that task was solely my responsibility.

It became a “spare time” project, which meant: Progress was at a snail’s pace, at best.

And then things changed again.

The Mandela Effect rebounded.

Starting in 2021, the Mandela Effect was in the spotlight again. I’m not sure why.

In the media, related articles increased and, by 2022, the “it’s all false memories” campaign had resumed with an unattractive zeal.

While false memories may explain many alternate memories, there are other explanations.

Fuel for the false memories argument

For example, around 2014, I started seeing trolls, critics, and jokers deliberately add preposterous new “memories” in comments.

And then they’d return (same IP number, minutes later) and use a variety of fresh usernames to post “me, too” responses.

I wasn’t fooled or amused. I deleted those comments.

From around 2010, all comments were moderated, so the public never saw most of the fake “memory” comments.

However, I’m sure a few got past me. By 2015, I was moderating the site, full-time, an average of six hours per day.

Of course, that couldn’t continue. It seemed simplest to close comments on the site.

Back in Kindle Unlimited through 2022

As of mid-2o22, it’s time to do something about the Mandela Effect Memories books.

The fastest answer is to put those books back into Kindle Unlimited, so people can read the evidence themselves.

And that’s why, as the cliche says

They’re back!

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