Mid-September News


Since I last posted, I’ve completed a few projects. Others are still in-progress.

By late August, I knew that my trusty old computer needed to be retired. It was slowing down and doing odd things, like freezing for no apparent reason.

As I’m typing this, a shiny new computer is next to me, but I still need to transfer files and licenses and all that tedious stuff.

This means a few projects are running late, but I’m pleased with what has been accomplished.

The ghost hunting course at Hallowfields has been (mostly) updated. I’d like to add a few features, like more videos, but – for now – it is more current and follows a clearer sequence.

My Ghost Hunters Journal is back in print. It’s 6″x9″ to fit into your backpack or ghost hunting kit. Some portions are far simpler now, but I also added extra text and prompts to save time. Let me know if you’d like further changes.

Though I’m still working on the updated edition of Is Your House Haunted?, I’ve created an Is Your House Haunted? Journal, since it’s essential for homeowners and tenants to keep a diary of what happens, where it happens, and when.

That journal includes basic information at the front of the book, and some essential tips – condensed from the full-length book – at the back.

Updating my websites

In my free time, I’m updating my Hollow Hill site so it’s more useful to new ghost hunters.

So far, one of my most important updates was related the GFI Poasttown Apparitions video.  With additional insights by one of the lead investigators, Adam Bennett, some anomalies become clearer and make more sense. (At that article, be sure to scroll down to what he shared with us.)

In the future, I may not add much to the Hollow Hill site.  Since the late 1990s, one of Hollow Hill’s main purposes has been: to introduce new ghost hunters to the field, and help them get more from their investigations.

Preparing for 2021, I’m looking at ways to maintain my focus on the work that really matters to me. That’s documenting what I’ve learned in over 30 years of paranormal research, mostly ghost hunting.

The Mandela Effect site

The Mandela Effect site was created on a whim. From the start, I assumed people understood that I saw those odd memories as quirks.

My favorite explanation – then and now – has always been: maybe it’s evidence of “time slips” and parallel realities.

By around 2015, the topic had been thoroughly co-opted by those with agendas very different to mine.

As of 2020, I’ve given up. The Mandela Effect topic is in the wild and has taken on a life of its own.

I hope the people who’ve used the term for t-shirts, coffee mugs, movie and book titles, and so on, have had fun. I’ve spent several thousand dollars trying to keep the site online, and – in the past 10 years – I’ve earned less than $100 from my Mandela Effect efforts.

That’s not a complaint. For a few years, several of us engaged in delightful “what if…?” conversations.  It was great fun, until people took it too seriously.

I’ll remember those conversations with a smile.

But, when that site’s current hosting expires, I’m not likely to renew it. As time permits, I’ll move all the articles (and best comments) to books.

Other sites

In general, I’m phasing out several of my websites. That will – I hope – give me more time and focus for books.

For example, my Faerie Magick site – a name that never truly suited it –  is now Fairies101.com. Shifting that site to history & folklore is likely to be a summer 2021 project.

So, that’s the news. I hope you’re staying safe, healthy, happy, and – if you’re a ghost hunter – looking forward to your next investigations. (Remember that haunted cemeteries make it easy to maintain social distancing as you search for evidence of ghosts.)