New Decade, New Focus

When Hollow Hill first appeared online around 1999 – from its previous GeoCities location – it was one of the only websites explaining how and where to go ghost hunting.

Today, people find my articles and videos through search engines like Google.

However, since 2004, little has changed at my sites.

Oh, I’ve written hundreds of new articles, added a YouTube channel, more social media, and so on.

But now… bigger changes are needed. In fact, they’re long overdue.

Here’s what’s planned for 2020:

  • Streamline so it’s easier to find what interests you the most.
  • Convert most Mandela Effect articles to books, and reduce that site’s contents so – with less bandwidth (and fewer site crashes) – more people can access the most essential content.
  • Merge content from and at Combine the most important articles – by topic – into books.
  • Maybe add a News Stories page at, instead of relying on social media (mostly Twitter) as a way to share important paranormal research news links with fellow researchers.
  • Create short, highly focused, single-topic books that explain paranormal research in more detail. All will be free in Kindle Unlimited.

Meanwhile, this website will become my author site.

So, an exciting year is ahead. Thanks for being on this journey with me!

6 thoughts on “New Decade, New Focus”

    1. Thanks, K’Sennia! I’ll let you know. There is a lot of work to be done, but – to be honest – I think I’ll need to tackle most of it myself. I’ll be starting with a mindmap to get all the bits & bobs organized in my mind, and then figure what belongs on a website, and which topics actually need more development – as books.

      The latter are the topics where I keep receiving questions and comments, because people need to know more about whatever-it-is. And, from the responses to my announcements (like this one, but across social media & most of my sites), I’m realizing that the sites are already trying to cover too much ground. People know my sites are great resources, but… yes, better navigation (plus some streamlining) will be necessary. And first, that means taking a look at all the topics I’ve touched upon over the past 20 years. (As I type that, I blink and wonder how it’s been that long… but yes, there it is. Even the Mandela Effect site has been online for ten years now. Utterly. Bizarre. lol )

  1. Fiona Broome, you call it the “Mandela Effect”? I have been calling it the “Doom Palm” since the early 90’s. Yes, I have stories of my own and I’m not joking or even pulling one over you. I can share some of my stories with you because I believe it might be linked to a lot of what has been going on. Maybe it means something or nothing at all but it would be nice to talk to someone and maybe try to figure out what it might be.

    1. Ginger, we should chat later in 2020. I am very interested in why you call it the “Doom Palm,” if you’d like to reply in a comment. (If you’d like it kept private, tell me and I’ll read it without making your comment public.)

      Otherwise, let’s chat in the coming year. Your name sounds familiar; have I met you in real life, or did we have previous correspondence? I’ve traveled a lot and spoken with so many people, but – for some reason – your name rings a bell. (And, if we have spent time together, I apologize for not being certain. I can’t always put names to faces… and vice versa.)

  2. Hey, Fiona, after a long time it looks like David Pares is making progress. I think that I told you about him, before, but he’s that dude who is trying to be the real-life Zefram Cochrane and make a real warp drive in his garage. Before now, he was only able to lift laser beams, but he has, finally, managed to lift something physical – the actual motor that was powering the lifting, though not by much, and he did burn the motor out. Still, it is pretty significant, and he is claiming that he will try to lift it more, next time when he has a better motor that can handle the energy. Check it out:

    Many think that this space warping is how UFOs can move, and Pares claims that it was a UFO sighting that caused him to start down the path of looking into stuff. It has, also, been theorized that this could be what causes ghosts and some psychics to be able to move stuff without physically touching the stuff that is moving.

  3. Hey, Fiona, I tried to post a link, but it says that you need to approve the comment with the link in it. It has been a few days since I posted that comment, so I wanted to let you know in case you missed it.

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