New, Old Podcasts Arriving

After taking some time off to think about this, my first new project is to restore all of my old podcasts.

First, they’re arriving at my ghost hunting YouTube channel.

Here’s the first one:

And here’s another one:

The big challenge is finding as many recordings as I can, going back to 2010 and perhaps earlier. And then, listening to them to be sure the information is still valid.

And then, turning them into podcast videos, uploading them to YouTube (and later, to Libsyn as well), and so on.

This is easier said than done, so don’t expect a bazillion new videos on my YouTube channel, overnight. lol

However, I am pleased with this project. Wish I’d started it sooner, but… well, I always seem to have too many projects in progress (and on my to-do list).

If you haven’t subscribed to that YouTube channel (or have, but haven’t turned on notifications), that will be the best way to find out when I’ve added content there.


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