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Fiona's newest paranormal research site recommendations
Busy? Here’s a four-minute recording of this blog post.

New Paranormal Research Sites

In this four-and-a-half minute recording, Fiona talks about new paranormal research sites – how she chooses them, and how you can find her latest recommendations.

Looking for fresh research sites?

Recently, I’ve been sharing more resources to help ghost hunters (and TV producers, etc.) identify potentially active haunted sites.

These are usually locations I’ve found through academic resources. In other words, I subscribe to some really geeky journals. Then, I check their most interesting stories/reports against my own criteria to decide if related locations might be worth investigating.

If a site fits my “secret recipe” for a haunted site, I’m happy to tell others about the location. I sometimes indicate why I think the site is worth investigating, too.

Active sites v. weaker ones

In my opinion, investigations can be the most engaging when they’re at sites no one else – or very few paranormal researchers – have visited.

From my experience, the more people who trek through a site, especially paranormal investigators, as well as camera crews with electrically powered equipment… well, all that energy can dilute the ghostly energy for future investigators.

But, of course, repeatedly “poking the bear” (definition) can also cause a site to be more active.

It’s a personal choice, but I tend to prefer sites that few people have investigated.

Problems with posting the information as an article include:

  • The time required to post it as an article, with all the nuances of history and geography that fascinate me. Once the “add new article” screen is open… well, you’ve seen how I like to go on. And on. And on.
  • The time-sensitive nature of these reports. The sooner you can investigate a location, the better. So, I like to share the initial reports as soon as I hear about them.
  • The possibility of my links vanishing, as some news stories don’t remain at the same URLs, or are deleted altogether… and then, in articles, I need to replace those links with the Wayback Machine.

For me, social media has been the answer.

To discover my latest recommendations…

If you want to hear about new, potentially active haunted sites, or threads you can pull to find even more, cool paranormal research sites, follow me at Twitter or at my Facebook Page, Fiona Broome News.  (Or, if you’re a producer, send me a message via either of those sites.)

In most cases, I look for news stories that everyone can access. That way, you don’t have to read through pages (and pages, and pages) of boring academic reports.

Monday is usually my busiest find-new-sites day. Today, I posted links to a couple of UK sites, plus one in the US.  (Some weeks are better than others, and the UK/EU/US balance varies with what journals I’ve received. And I do include other areas – such as Canada – when a site seems especially attractive.)

Oh yes, I am working on other projects – adding recordings to my articles (like this), updating my books and older posts, and expanding my free ghost hunting courses. But, when I can, I share intriguing research site info via social media.


10 thoughts on “Fresh Paranormal Research Sites”

  1. Thanks, again, Fiona, for making the podcasts. This time, you got me interested in your “secret” criteria that you use to decide which places to recommend.

    Off topic: I don’t know how much you pay attention to the UFO news, but there are two things that have, recently, come up that I wanted to let you know about. One is a post by Tom DeLonge saying that the next two episodes of his Unidentified show will have something to do with an Italian military helicopter being chased and shot down by a UFO, and that there will, supposedly, even be pictures of the UFO. The second may be even more shocking, and Richard Dolan has called it: “The UFO Leak Of The Century.” I know that you’re busy, and Dolan’s article is lengthy, but, if you have time, this is one that you will, probably, want to read:

    1. Mark, that’s fascinating about the UFOs. While UFOs aren’t really my field, I’m intrigued by the number of credible UFO reports that are in the media. I’ll definitely make time to at least skim that article. Thank you!

      And the way I choose locations to investigate – or recommend to others, closer to the site – is part history, part geography, part patterns (I’m reminded of the red/blue discussions at the Mandela Effect site), and a certain amount of intuition… or what seems like it, at the time. Often, that “intuition” turns out to be some very normal/paranormal connections I hadn’t cognitively focused on. Instead, they were in the background, but nudging me towards saying yea/nay to a site. And, with more time or proximity to the site, those things become more clear.

      I do need to write a book about this, and it is on my to-do list. I’m not sure how clearly I can explain the process to others, but I’ll do my best.

      1. Speaking of places to investigate, I’m reminded, again, of DeLonge’s UFO show: Unidentified. Most of the information in that show, so far, has been underwhelming: either stuff that was already known or new stuff that has not been all that exciting, in my opinion, and many others’, at least. That may change, soon, if DeLonge is telling the truth, and he has a good track record with this. Anyway, there has been one thing that has been, once again, in my opinion, more interesting than most. The now-famous Nimitz UFO incidents had some new information attached to them in the most recent episode of the show: episode number three. Apparently, the UFOs in the Nimitz incidents disappeared from the radar in an area near Guadalupe island. The claim that there is some kind of magnetic phenomenon happening close to, and possibly north of, the island. Apparently, there are a lot of UFO sightings, there, and, in the show, they even talked to a famous marine biologist who studies great white sharks. (apparently those kinds of sharks are attracted to the area, possibly because of the magnetism…) This marine biologist went public with his UFO sighting in the area on the show. Something weird seems to be going on in that area, and it might be of interest to you, but, be warned, that it will probably be difficult if you want to actually go there. The researchers in the show were not allowed on the island because they are not Mexican citizens, and they had to conduct their interviews on boats off of the coast of the island.

  2. I just wanted to say I love your new banner. It’s so pretty. And I was following you on twitter, but I forgot, so I’m happy about the reminder. Although I usually see your FB posts. I also love the new sound clips.

    1. Thanks, Ksennia! I’m flattered that you follow me in social media, and thanks for the compliments! (I kind of love the idea of having audios with my posts, too. Sometimes, I worry that my dry humor is lost in text. With audio, I have fewer worries. 😉 )

  3. Hello Fiona This is a little different of a comment. How did you get your information of the Mandela Effect out into the world as a well known subject? I personally have stumbled upon what I believe to be just as strange of a phenomenon that is very similar to the Mandela effect in nature and just as unexplainable yet real. You can check it out on my youtube channel Pl8te Tectonicsss; lol. What I have here is a very first of its kind new phenomenon very difficult to explain so you will just have to see for yourself if interested. Sorry for commenting on your page I found out that you were the first to expose the Mandela Effect and maybe this new phenomenon as well. Thank you!

  4. Hello Fiona! I am a researcher in genomic and molecular biology at Montana State University. At the moment, I am writing a grant to determine if there is any correlation between instances of paranormal activity and microbial anomalies. I was wondering how you got started in this field? Do you have any suggestions for newcomers?

  5. Dude, that sounds like a really interesting project! I mean, as long as you’re not coming at it from the pseudoskeptical standpoint…do you have a page on the university’s website?

  6. Unfortunately I don’t have a research page, because I am not yet a professor and this is a new line of questioning for the University. Thanks for asking!

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