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The following are some of Fiona’s most popular books.

Ghost Hunting in Haunted CemeteriesGhost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries

Haunted cemeteries. Every community seems to have at least one, but is it haunted?

And if it is, how can you find its ghosts?

Let professional paranormal researcher Fiona Broome show you how to find haunted cemeteries, and how to locate the most haunted (and perhaps chilling) graves in the cemetery.

In this how-to guide, you’ll discover some of the best ways to encounter ghosts. But… are you brave enough?

Here’s what’s included:

  • You’ll learn the best ghost hunting tools and techniques for this kind of paranormal research.
  • You’ll uncover exactly where to look (and what to look for) to get the most chilling results.
  • And, you’ll find out why the ghosts just outside the cemetery may be more frightening than those within its walls.

Discover why haunted cemeteries are among ghost hunting’s best-kept secrets.

Available at Amazon, and FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited. Click here to read it: Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries – A How-To Guide.

The Mandela Effect – Major Memories

Everything you were taught about history was true…… or is it?

Mandela Effect Book 1
Click this book cover to read the first book in this series, free.

When thousands of people started talking about Nelson Mandela’s earlier death, that was the tip of the iceberg. Soon, other Mandela Effect memories emerged.

  • Many people remember reading Berenstein Bears books. History says they never existed.
  • Some people remember “Luke, I am your father.” That line was never in a Star Wars movie.
  • Many recall cartoons called “Looney Toons.” That’s not how it was spelled.

Do you remember things like that, too? That’s the Mandela Effect. In this series of 15 books, you’ll discover thousands of Mandela Effect reports by people like you. They were part of the original Mandela Effect website.

Each book in this series contains different, complete conversations among strangers…… And most of them remember the same events that don’t match history.

Is this proof of the Mandela Effect?

These books may surprise you. They’re FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited.

Links to each of these 15 books, at Amazon: 123456789101112131415

Other books that include Fiona’s research:

Weird Hauntings - True Ghost StoriesWeird Hauntings (A Weird U.S. book)

Weird Encounters (A Weird U.S. book)

The Ghosts of Austin, Texas

Armchair Reader: Weird, Scary & Unusual

Armchair reader: Kick’n Back in Texas



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