Lots of Projects… and Fun Ahead

Well, this year, I thought I was going to be so well-prepared for “ghost hunting season” (around Halloween)… but, as you’ve seen, that’s not what happened.

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Fiona’s December 2019 News

Fiona Broome explains why she’s been so quiet lately, what she’s been working on, and what’s ahead for 2020. Ghost hunting, books, fiction, Mandela Effect, and something new. Text version plus links:  https://fionabroome.com/projects-fun/

Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries
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So, anyway…

I did revise and update my most popular book, Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries. It’s in Kindle right now, and we’re working on a printed edition, too.

Also, I’ve been sharing news – and news stories – with friends and fans via social media. I’m still posting there – usually several times a week – with news stories and comments, mostly related to paranormal research.

You can find me at Facebook (“Fiona Broome News”) and at Twitter.

The Mandela Effect site took center stage starting in early September, when it was featured in Readers Digest and Good Housekeeping magazine. I guess it’s safe to say that the topic has gone mainstream now.

More recently, the Mandela Effect has been confused with a horror movie of the same name. (It’s mentioned in The Mary Sue, and I was pleased with the Hollywood Reporter’s review of it.)

I had nothing to do with the making of that movie. The producers have never contacted me about it, and – since I’m not a fan of horror movies – I’m unlikely to see it.

But, all of this adds up to far more website traffic than the Mandela Effect site can handle. So, to keep the site online, I’ve been scrambling to reduce how much bandwidth it requires.

Mandela Effect Book 1
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That means putting the content into books – books that are free to read in Kindle Unlimited. So far there are 11 books of mixed comments from the original “major memories” page. (There will be 15 books in that series.)

And frankly, since each book features between around 200 to 450 comments… well, they’re easier to read in books, so you don’t lose your place if you stop reading, part-way through. Instead, you can bookmark where you left off.

Eventually, the entire site will be in books, so the information remains complete and readily available. (This is a very big project, but – for me – an important one.)

But, those aren’t the only books I’ve been involved with.

Gallo Family Spirits ghost hunting bookA few years ago, I contributed to several books – including several books  in the Weird U.S. series.

And then there was Ghost Hunting in Tilton, New HampshireIt includes ghost stories, some history, and several locations in that area.

(If you’re interested in NH ghost hunting, I also recommend Haunted Hikes of New Hampshire. Author Marianne O’Connor has assembled a great list of eerie and haunted places you can hike to, and there’s a new/second edition of this book with fresh information.)

More recently, I wrote the foreword to Bobby Gallo’s book, Family Spirits: The Adventures and Evidence of Gallo Family Ghost Hunters. It’s a fun mix of true ghost stories and how-to advice.

Then, Jake Camden – the son of a friend – asked my advice with his new books. His first was The Amityville Haunting of Carl Fitch. It’s a short book that I consider fiction. But, according to him, it’s based on a true story.

It’s a light, fast read, and I’m encouraging him to write more. I think he’s a natural storyteller.

Haunting of Obedience ghost horror storyBut… Jake also co-authored a book that I’d describe as paranormal horror. And frankly, I think it’s a little campy… which can be a good thing (or not), depending on your taste in stories.

The book is loosely based on a case I investigated several years ago. (That case was enough to make me very uneasy about houses with corn fields in the backyard. That’s all I’ll say about the actual case.)

In real life, the experience was creepier than I’m used to. It was a mix of weirdness, to be honest.

But some of the story – as Jake and co-author Abby tell it, anyway –  is clearly fiction. (You should be able to spot the made-up parts, right away.)

And – to answer a question Jake & Abby asked – no, as far as I know, the related TV episode never aired. Frankly, it’s probably better that way. It was a very weird case.

If you’re interested, the book is called The Haunting of Obedience.

For 2020, expect changes at most of my websites, including Hollow Hill and Hallowfields. Also, Ghosts 101 is being revised and updated, and will be published as a book, again.

In the next month or so I hope to be able to announce a project that’s involved lots of travel. It’s not 100% related to ghost hunting, but there is some overlap. So far, it’s been fun and a nice break from everything else I’m working on. And, I’m still working on it.

Anyway, I hope this explains why I’ve been relatively quiet at my websites and in podcasts. Oh, I’m having fun, but yes, it’s been a busy few months.

I hope your holiday season is merry and filled with all good things.

2 thoughts on “Lots of Projects… and Fun Ahead”

  1. Hey, Fiona. Do you do any research into alternative archaeology, ancient societies, and stuff like that? Those kinds of topics are usually related to paranormal phenomena, or, at least, higher levels of knowledge than we currently have.

    1. Hi, Mark! And yes, I am fascinated by those topics. I hope to have more time to research them… but that will be much later in 2020. First, I’m streamlining my websites for better focus. Hollow Hill hadn’t changed much in the past 10 years. Maybe 15 years, now that I think about it… * blink, blink *

      I’m still weighing my options for which content will go where, and what makes the most sense. People find my articles via search engines like Google, and some social media. So, reorganizing for that is the first priority, especially while my other new project is “on hold” for a month or two. (And that may extend into late 2020, as well. A lot is changing in this field, as we see where people’s interests are. And, for people like me whose backgrounds include lots of related topics… well, I’m eager to adapt to whatever the new audience is looking for in paranormal-related research.)

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