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You may have noticed that Hollow Hill has gone through several changes in the past month or so.  We’ve been testing different designs, different navigation, and so on.

Long-term, I plan to update my websites’ older articles (and then restore those I’d removed from sites) and help each site’s visitors find exactly what they’re looking for.

First, I’m working on focus. Each site has a different purpose.

What’s where, site-by-site

July 2020 - Fiona Broome's website changesThis site ( is partly a blog, but mostly focuses on my books. is returning to its original goal: to make ghost hunting more accessible to new and aspiring investigators. So, we’ve condensed the categories and tags, and I’ve been updating older articles and republishing them.

If you subscribe to that site’s updates via Feedburner, I apologize for their software thinking I’m adding entirely new articles. (I will, in the future… but not yet.) is for curiosity seekers. It features answers to just a few most-asked questions, usually related to ghosts and what viewers see on TV.

Frankly, only a few questions seemed to interest people, year after year, and my answers haven’t changed much. (For those with more curiosity, I updated my related book and it’s back in Kindle.) is a far larger project that needs more content, cross-linking, more handouts, more videos, and so on. I’ll be working on that as time permits. and are also “as time permits” projects. Both will steer firmly towards academic research. Each started out as a hobby site and… well, it shows.

I’m also working on an index to the Mandela Effect “major memories comments” books, so people will know which memories were most reported in which books. is my new home for news-related articles from this site and from Hollow Hill.

I’ll add more quirky, paranormal-ish articles as I find them.

As of yesterday, that site has just one new article, so we could test curation software.

When new articles are available at any of my sites, I’ll post links at social media (Facebook and Twitter, for now).

Another website is in progress, and it will have a far narrower focus related to ghosts and haunted places. I’d like to launch that before Halloween, but I can’t make promises.

Also, due to a ridiculous level of spam comments – which software doesn’t seem to keep ahead of – I temporarily disabled commenting on all of my sites.

As of mid-August 2020, I’ve installed Akismet (professional) on my main websites, so commenting is available again, now.


Late in 2019, I was working on a larger project that – due to Covid risks (I’m fine, but we respect stay-at-home advice) – had to be paused. That’s okay. I wasn’t entirely certain the project was well-planned. Later in 2020, it may be back on my calendar, or it may not.

However, I’d like to create more videos for my YouTube channel. I’m not sure if I’ll have time for that in 2020, but I’ll try.

Is Your House Haunted?

Earlier this year, I’d rushed a fresh edition of Is Your House Haunted? to answer questions of panicky people – suddenly in their homes for extended periods – who feared they were in danger from ghosts.

First, I wanted readers to understand that it’s probably not “all in your mind.” I take ghost reports very seriously.

It’s important to realize that something is going on, but also, it’s probably not a ghost.

I wanted to explain why some sites only seem weird, scary, and haunted.

(The short list: Infrasound, old/bad wiring, noisy plumbing, tilting foundations and uneven carpentry, and the occasional carbon monoxide issue.)

Now that fewer people are panicking, I can improve my book.

So, after reorganizing my websites, that book is next on my list of projects.

Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries

Then, I want to update Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries. It should include more information about the protection and preservation of monuments, markers, burial grounds, churchyards, and cemeteries.  I’m also concerned about the wildlife – plants and animals – who’ve made those sites their homes.

At least for now, all of my books are FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited. That will change when we expand distribution to other retailers, especially in the EU and UK.

These website improvements and book revisions will probably keep me busy through the end of 2020.

I’ll post progress updates here, at least once a month.

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