Revisiting My Podcasts

Fiona removes old podcasts from her sites

Recently, a friend commented on a podcast I’d recorded many years ago. He tactfully suggested that I might want to listen to it and perhaps revise it.

He was right. Listening to myself, I was hideously embarrassed.

Sure, my advice back in the early 2000s was among the best in the field. In fact, few websites — then or now — offered the scope of ghost hunting information I’ve been sharing since the 1990s.

But now…? Ouch. Some of my oldest advice no longer applies. (I mean, really… comparing film developing methods at Target and Walmart, for ghost photos…? And some of my earliest ghost orb analyses…? Yes, I’m blushing, even as I type that.)

So, short term, I’ve removed all of the old podcasts from Libsyn, where they’ve been hosted.

Some will return, either as-is or updated. Others will become videos, so I can add visual content. And many of my other, old podcasts might be best forgotten.

For now, I’d rather have no podcasts online than provide bad — or at least outdated — advice.