Ghosts: EMF, Tinnitus, and Doors

believe in ghosts. I’ve had personal experiences that can’t be explained in any other way.

Also, I have no doubt that something odd is going on at haunted places, and – at many of those sites – the answer really is ghosts.

That opens the door (no pun intended) to some “what if?” theories.

Ghosts, EMF, Tinnitus, and DoorsHere’s one: I think some (not all) EMF surges could be electromagnetic leaking into our world.

That EMF might signal  when the “veil between the worlds” (whatever you want to call it) is opening.

Remember the old TV series, Quantum Leap? Do you recall the door (or really big window) that appeared when Al was about to make an entrance or departure?

Maybe it’s something like that, but we can’t actually see it.

We can measure it with EMF devices, and maybe with tinnitus. (Maybe. The latter needs far more testing, but I’ve seen some weird correlations with Mandela Effect reports. Many of tinnitus reports seem to correlate with hauntings, too.)

I’ve been describing my EMF/haunted places theory for years. Almost every time I do, I’m met with stony silence. If people hadn’t been so polite, I’m pretty sure they’d have declared, “Heresy!”

(Yes, I’m joking. However, my EMF theories – which may include orbs, as well – were not well received.)

Fast-forward to late November 2015…

This is still a half-baked, “what if…?” theory.

Admittedly, this is one of my most “out there” theories. But, if it has any basis in reality, it might have wide implications across paranormal research of all kinds.

I’m just noting it, and sharing it with you, before I get back to more serious research that has a better foundation.

Meanwhile, as Einstein once said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

As far as I’m concerned, that’s everything. Challenge the “everyone knows” ideas, as well as the “what ifs.” Avoid taking yourself (or me, or anyone else in this field) too seriously.

If we already knew the answers – all of them – these subjects would be normal, not paranormal.

So, yes, keep asking questions. Give voice to your “what if” ideas. See where the correlations are, and where the contradictions fall.

Maybe EMF isn’t what we think it is. (Then again, maybe it is.)

Let’s find more evidence that takes us to the next step in paranormal research.