The Day After…

The day after

When I posted yesterday, I was upset, to put it mildly.

But, overnight, I was able to gain some perspective, and a fresh, important way of looking at this.

Here’s what happened:

So, as you can see, I’m pretty much starting all over again.

What would I do with a fresh start…?

Well, when I started, back in 1999, I was a “category of one.”

Nobody else was sharing how-to information about ghost hunting. Not on such a large scale, anyway.

But, over the years, I decided to modify that website’s content.

I wanted to make ghost hunting accessible to everyone, not just beginners, but also those with different backgrounds, and different reasons for investigating haunted sites.

Gradually, that diluted my own opinions, and – in a way – my authenticity. (However, some of you – especially those who know me in real life – are aware of my actual views about ghosts and haunted places.)

Media’s impact on ghost hunting

In recent years, we’ve all seen ghost hunting become sensationalized. Now, it’s entertainment, sometimes going viral with jump scares, and too often regarded as a joke.

Some investigators are deliberately stirring up non-ghostly entities.  A few even invoke what are generally categorized as “demons.”

The main reason: It keeps viewers engaged. That boosts views and ratings.a

Watching ghost hunting TV shows and in videos, I generally see “investigators” doing things that are 180-degrees different from what’s consistently worked for my teams.

And, frankly, the examples those shows are setting… They’re kind of appalling.

Maybe I should have spoken up, sooner.

But, either way, since – as of June 2024 – my ghost hunting website is seen by a scant 2k – 3k unique visitors/month, I feel comfortable changing its tone and much of its content.

Seeing my vulnerabilities, thanks to Facebook’s ban, was what I needed to see the importance of change.

 Once again, I’ll be a “category of one.”

It’s time for me to be more authentic, and – at the same time – make ghost hunting more accessible for genuine researchers.

In retrospect, I wish I’d made this shift sooner. You deserve better information, and the opportunity to enjoy richer, more successful investigations.

So, I’ll need a week or two, to put together my plans.

And then, well, this won’t be an overnight fait accompli.

Realistically, you’ll start seeing changes by late July, on both and my YouTube channel.

I’ll also update my books, and release some that I’ve held back because they are… well, a bit radical. Nobody else is talking about these topics.

Of course, you’ll still learn how (and where) to investigate ghosts.

However, I’m going to be clearer about what works consistently (and doesn’t), in actual practice.

Ghost hunting can be a richer, more wonderful, and engaging experience than anything you’ve seen on TV or on YouTube, TikTok, etc.

I’m eager to share my insights and experiences with you, so you can get more from ghost hunting, too.

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