The Videos Continue! This One: Haunted Graves

Yes, I like making videos. Oh, they’re far more time-consuming than I’d expected. It takes me hours to edit and upload a five-minute video.

However, in my opinion, videos have a chance of reaching far more people than (audio) podcasts, articles, and books.

Oh, I’ll still work on articles (short ones) and books (also short), because that seems to be what people have time for.

But, now that I’m learning more about videos, I see how they can be an art form in themselves.

The learning curve is steep, but I think I like this.

Here’s the first new how-to video. And yes, that is my foot next to one of the gravestones… blue nail polish and all!  (Obviously, I need to pay closer attention to what’s in the frame when I take the photo.)

How To Find Haunted Graves

Fiona shows you the kinds of headstones and graves that might be haunted, with real examples from a Maine cemetery. She explains which might be haunted, and why she’d investigate similar graves and grave markers. Note: This Kennebunkport cemetery is NOT recommended for ghost hunting.

Meanwhile, I appreciate those who “Like” these videos and sign up as Subscribers. Since I’m moving the Mandela Effect videos (to a separate video channel), I’ve been losing subscribers at my main channel (Ghost Hunting with Fiona Broome).

That makes sense, because many (most?) Mandela Effect enthusiasts aren’t interested in ghost hunting.

I didn’t really expect them to be. Those are two very different topics.

But, to keep my YouTube videos most visible, I need good subscriber numbers. So, every subscriber is appreciated, and I hope you’re among them!