Walking Around Eerie and Haunted Places

This week, we decided to test a new action camera, and – perhaps – create some ghost-hunting related videos.

This video was recorded at Village Cemetery in Kennebunkport, Maine (USA), shortly after noon.

Walking Around a Maine Cemetery – Kennebunkport 1

This video is a short, silent walk around an eerie, historic Maine cemetery on a November afternoon. I recorded this video to test a new action camera I plan to use to document my ghost research. (The video is okay for something that’s just a test, but I’ll use my handheld gimbal stabilizer for future, similar videos.)

It’s a lovely, slightly unsettling cemetery with easy, roadside parking. The main hazard is a nearby golf course. (Yes, I brought home a golf ball that had landed near my feet.)

The cemetery is lovely and – aside from shouts of “fore!” by the golfers – it’s almost unsettlingly quiet. Even the traffic on the nearby road seems muted.

Many of the headstones (and some footstones) are ornate. A few markers on a raised berm mark family plots, with names and dates of all the deceased on just one, long marker.

Today’s video was just a test, but I put it online anyway. People who like “walking around” videos might enjoy it.

For our next test, we’ll put the camera on a gimbal stabilizer, and perhaps use a separate voice recorder so the ambient noise is clearer.  We’ll save the video at a higher resolution, too.

(Update: After thinking about this for a couple of days, I’ve now added a soundtrack… just peaceful music. Otherwise, even I think that video is boring! lol )

In general, I’m hoping to get out to haunted locations before wintry weather arrives. Right now, the autumn lights and shadows are magnificent, and accent old and ancient sites very nicely.

Meanwhile, I’m working on a video about this Kennebunkport cemetery (yes, that’s the link to it).  It includes examples of graves I’d investigate with a team.

Camera: Akaso Brave 7