Where Do You Borrow Free eBooks? – Survey Results

eBook Survey

(Results are in.  Changes are imminent, and described later in this article.)

Here’s what I’d explained when we launched this survey:

I’d like my books to reach the widest possible audience.

Recently, I was disappointed to discover that – due to Amazon’s terms for Kindle Unlimited ebooks – public libraries cannot loan those ebooks to their patrons.

In this survey, I’m revisiting my publishing options. I was already uneasy with Amazon insisting on exclusive rights to my ebooks that are in Kindle Unlimited.

If enough readers want to borrow my ebooks through libraries – or purchase those books through other outlets like Kobo, Nook, etc. – I may drop out of Kindle Unlimited.

Update: Survey Results

This one-week survey has concluded, and the results were more dramatic than I’d expected.

Fiona Broome's ebook survey results

Clearly, more people want to be able to borrow ebooks through their public libraries.

They also want more purchasing options, including Kobo, Nook, and other outlets, not just Amazon.

That’s not a huge surprise as we’ve analyzed borrowing and sales trends for my books.

I already knew that most of my readers buy print editions of my books. (And, in my opinion, Jean-Luc Picard would approve.)

So, it makes sense to do what I can to enable more people to read my books, free, through public libraries and lending libraries.

This means some immediate changes.

  • When my current books’ exclusive Kindle Unlimited contracts expire, they will not be renewed. Most of those contracts expire between today (April 5th) and mid-June 2021.
  • Prices on all of my independently published books – ebooks and printed editions – will increase, starting April 12th. I know that sounds counter-intuitive. But, this will give book outlets (including Amazon) an incentive to offer my indie books – in bulk – to libraries and other booksellers at lower (wholesale) rates. And that means wider distribution
  • Later in 2021, most of my books will be available in ebook, paperback, and hardcover editions. This will appeal to public libraries and lending libraries, and to readers who prefer to own more durable books.

So, if you’d planned to borrow or purchase any of my books – especially Kindle editions – do not delay. In about a week, as we start to expand distribution channels, prices on most books will increase.*

(I’m not thrilled with that, but – as I said at the start of this survey – my intention is to make my books available to more readers. The survey shows what needs to change, to reach a wider audience with books they can borrow, free.)

*The Mandela Effect theories & explanations ebook will be free for all (not just Kindle Unlimited members) from April 8th – 12th, 2021.