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Fiona’s most recent posts

Mandela Effect Memories books

Mandela Effect – The Books Are Back!

The Mandela Effect “Major Memories” archives are back, and – for now – free to read in Kindle Unlimited. They’re a a 15-book Kindle series with over 4,000 comments from my original website. Here’s the backstory: The Mandela Effect site was fun in 2009. Conversations were bright and entertaining, with just enough science in the … Continue reading "Mandela Effect – The Books Are Back!"

Einstein talks about reality

Your Memories are Your Memories

It’s one of those days when I feel more than a little misunderstood… but that may be the result of this heat wave. Many people seem a bit frazzled by it, and perhaps they’re venting. And perhaps I am, too. Though I’m still encouraged to see scientific references (including quantum connections to the Mandela Effect, … Continue reading "Your Memories are Your Memories"

Is this the Mandela Effect turning point?

Mandela Effect Turning Point?

I am absolutely delighted to see this article at SK Pop, “What is the Mandela effect? Quantum Physics expert provides insight on evidence of multiple realities through reports of false memory syndrome.” Here’s why, with a brief journey through Mandela Effect history. Way back when… Okay, it was 2009 – 2010, shortly after I launched … Continue reading "Mandela Effect Turning Point?"

2022 fresh projects

2022 – A New Year, New Projects

It’s 2022 and it’s time for some big changes. After several years in Florida, we’ve returned to New England and ready to resume ghost research in this area. It really is one of the most haunted parts of the United States. And, for me, one of the most fun areas to explore. Of course, with … Continue reading "2022 – A New Year, New Projects"

During 2022, Fiona is back in New England, continuing her research, updating her older books, and writing new ones.

She’s also filming fresh videos to update her main YouTube channel, Ghost Hunting with Fiona Broome, and planning¬† a separate YouTube channel for the Mandela Effect.

The following are some of Fiona’s most popular books. Your public library may have copies you can borrow.

Ghost Hunting in Haunted CemeteriesGhost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries

Haunted cemeteries. Every community seems to have at least one, but is it haunted?

And if it is, how can you find its ghosts?

Let professional paranormal researcher Fiona Broome show you how to find haunted cemeteries, and how to locate the most haunted (and perhaps chilling) graves in the cemetery.

In this how-to guide, you’ll discover some of the best ways to encounter ghosts. But… are you brave enough?

Here’s what’s included:

  • You’ll learn the best ghost hunting tools and techniques for this kind of paranormal research.
  • You’ll uncover exactly where to look (and what to look for) to get the most chilling results.
  • And, you’ll find out why the ghosts just outside the cemetery may be more frightening than those within its walls.

Discover why haunted cemeteries are among ghost hunting’s best-kept secrets.

Here’s the Amazon link: Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries – A How-To Guide.

Some other books that include Fiona’s research:

Weird Hauntings - True Ghost StoriesWeird Hauntings (A Weird U.S. book)

Weird Encounters (A Weird U.S. book)

The Ghosts of Austin, Texas

Armchair Reader: Weird, Scary & Unusual

Armchair reader: Kick’n Back in Texas



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