If you want to know more about me – Fiona Broome – you’re at the right place. This is my personal website.

I find haunted places and investigate paranormal phenomena. You can learn more at my websites like HollowHill.com, and in videos at my ghost-related YouTube channel.

I’m also the person who – back in 2009 – launched the Mandela Effect topic, online, with the original MandelaEffect.com site.

(You can learn the true origins of the topic in my books and on my Mandela Effect YouTube channel.)

In general, I’m always skeptical… until I run out of reasonable, science-based explanations for whatever we witness. Then, yes, I’m a believer, but I’ll still keep looking for more normal answers.

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The following are some of my most popular books. Some are out of print. Your public library may have copies you can borrow.

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Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries

Haunted cemeteries. Every community seems to have at least one, but is it haunted?

And if it is, how can you find the areas with the most unusual, ghostly energy?

Let professional paranormal researcher Fiona Broome show you how to locate haunted cemeteries, and where you’ll find the most haunted (and perhaps chilling) areas in the cemetery.

In this how-to guide, you’ll discover some of the best ways to have an eerie encounter with the unknown. But… are you brave enough?

Here’s what’s included:

  • You’ll learn the best ghost hunting tools and techniques for this kind of paranormal research.
  • You’ll uncover exactly where to look (and what to look for) to get the most chilling results.
  • And, you’ll find out why the spiritual entities just outside the cemetery may be more frightening than those within its walls.

Discover why haunted cemeteries are among ghost hunting’s best-kept secrets.

Here’s the Amazon link: Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries – A How-To Guide.

Some other books that include my research:

Weird Hauntings (A Weird U.S. book)

Weird Encounters (A Weird U.S. book)

The Ghosts of Austin, Texas

Armchair Reader: Weird, Scary & Unusual

Armchair reader: Kick’n Back in Texas



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