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Here are some of the hundreds of articles, books, news reports, videos, TV shows, and movies featuring me, Fiona Broome.

Note: I’d would prefer journalists focus on my decades of innovative research related to apparently “haunted” places, rather than deriding the Mandela Effect… which they clearly don’t understand, or are overlooking the context of its origins.

But… if the SK Pop article is the new trend, highlighting quantum studies as well as “false memories,” maybe equal time for the Mandela Effect is okay, after all.

Well… maybe.

Fiona Broome, featured in...


In mid-2022, the Mandela Effect went beyond viral and now seems part of the culture. A search on “Mandela Effect” or even “Fiona Broome” is kind of astonishing.

So, this list is no longer updated.

Many – perhaps most – journalists seem to embrace the scoffing, “false memories” angle.

Clearly, they’re missing the context of the original (2009) Mandela Effect conversations.

Or perhaps they never sat around with geeks, late at night, weaving speculation that’s fun... with just an element of seriousness in it.

Tip: That’s where some of the best scientific breakthrough start.

They start as “what if…?” conversations that build one fantasy concept on top of another, and – suddenly – one seems like it might actually have legs.

And everyone rushes to their lab to test – real or virtual – to test aspects of the concept… and, sometimes, they stumble onto something brilliant.

That’s the intended context of the original Mandela Effect conversations, and I applaud journalists that get it.




This list could be far longer, going back to the 1990s, but you probably get the idea: Fiona’s been a leading voice in the paranormal community since practically forever.

photo courtesy of Ekrulila