Hollow Hill is Back, But…

It’s been about a week since I found out that Google had de-indexed 477 of over 500 articles at my ghost hunting website, HollowHill.com.

Since then, I’ve reviewed all of the posts and pages, and reduced the site to about 80 essential articles. Most of them are either current info or useful for paranormal researchers, or both. But many of them now have broken internal links. (It was a compromise I felt compelled to make, to keep at least a skeleton – no ghostly pun intended – of the site online.)

The rest of the articles…? Well, I’m going to update some. Most will be turned into podcasts or used as scripts for YouTube videos. Others will be compiled into books.

This will be a huge project, covering months. I mean, really, over 500 articles…? Yikes.

Ghosts101.com is another issue. With Google’s new aggregate AI providing summaries and answers to the questions entered into Google’s search form… Well, I’m not convinced that a Q&A site like Ghosts101.com has much future.

(Then again, if Bill Gates is correct, maybe Google’s days are numbered, anyway.)

So, Hollow Hill is back, but much smaller than before. And Ghosts101.com may remain offline until I repurpose it.

My free, seven-part ghost hunting course is offline, since it referenced (and/or linked to) many of the articles I’ve removed. That course will probably become a book, as well as a podcast series. Or maybe something else altogether.

In other words, a lot is in transition, and most of it won’t be in final form for quite awhile.

This is not how I’d planned to spend my summer, but I’ll keep you updated here (and at my Facebook Page) as more of my research and insights are re-released… usually in new formats.


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