New Decade, New Focus

When Hollow Hill first appeared online around 1999 – from its previous GeoCities location – it was one of the only websites explaining how and where to go ghost hunting.

Today, people find my articles and videos through search engines like Google.

However, since 2004, little has changed at my sites.

Oh, I’ve written hundreds of new articles, added a YouTube channel, more social media, and so on.

But now… bigger changes are needed. In fact, they’re long overdue.

Here’s what’s planned for 2020:

  • Streamline so it’s easier to find what interests you the most.
  • Convert most Mandela Effect articles to books, and reduce that site’s contents so – with less bandwidth (and fewer site crashes) – more people can access the most essential content.
  • Merge content from and at Combine the most important articles – by topic – into books.
  • Maybe add a News Stories page at, instead of relying on social media (mostly Twitter) as a way to share important paranormal research news links with fellow researchers.
  • Create short, highly focused, single-topic books that explain paranormal research in more detail. All will be free in Kindle Unlimited.

Meanwhile, this website will become my author site.

So, an exciting year is ahead. Thanks for being on this journey with me!