Why Paranormal Research?

With tonight’s radio show looming, I’ve been trying to record videos to answer the most likely questions.  (They’re at my YouTube channel.)

Here’s the latest, explaining why I’m still a paranormal researcher, and a little about what I do that’s unique.

The “TL;DR” summary..?

One of my main goals is to be sure that everyone who wants a paranormal experience, can have one.

In this video, I describe some of the nuts-and-bolts of my work.

That goal is why I keep fine-tuning my system of analyzing repeating patterns of odd, ghostly, and other paranormal events.

With that information, I can often predict when & where people will encounter something eerie. And, in some cases, I can share insights about how to increase the chances of it happening, with specific triggers. That’s not just about objects, but also about the kind of person (or his/her demeanor) that seems to make a difference.