Contact Fiona – General


  • If you are a producer, author, or journalistleave a comment at my Media contact page.
  • If you’d like to report a Mandela Effect memory, that topic is in the wild. At this point, I can’t begin to keep track of all the topics. Look for related forums where you can discuss your memories with like-minded people.
  • For everything else… you’re already on the correct page.

General contact 

The amount of genuine email + spam is out of control. Thousands of emails, daily. Yikes. There’s no way I can read them all, much less reply. I’m sorry. That’s the reality of being a long-time authority in a field with astonishing surges in popularity… and then crickets-chirping lulls.

So, I’m closing down most of my email addresses.

However, my staff and I read every comment posted at this site. Your comments and questions help me write more helpful articles and books, and prepare more podcasts, courses, and videos. So, leave a comment. 

How to get the fastest response

If you have a ghost hunting question, my main ghost hunting site is If my 500+ articles there don’t address your question, leave a comment at the most relevant article.

If you want to know more about me, you’re at the right site. Here, you can read my bio and updates about my research.

If you’re troubled by a ghost, demon, or other spirit, that’s not my area of expertise. Contact someone in real life.
  • Start with a mainstream member of the clergy in your local area. They’ve studied spiritual matters and can be the most help. You do not have to be a member of their congregation, or even believe what they do. (If you’re a non-believer, it’s usually best to start with a church that describes itself as “inclusive.”)
  • If you feel as if you’re in danger – mental, spiritual, or physical – get help today. Don’t wait to see if it gets worse.
  • If you’re certain it’s a malicious or demonic entity, contact someone like John Zaffis or Peter Haviland. I’ve known both of them in real life, for over 10 years, and I trust them.

Contact FAQs

Students’ questions

Can I interview you for my school paper – or – can you be my advisor?

I’m sorry, but no. (I haven’t worked with students in over four years.) However, please continue your research into paranormal topics. We need more, better answers for unexplained phenomena.

Can you speak at my school/university/club?

No, but thank you. Due to a busy research & writing schedule, I’m not planning personal appearances at this time.

Questions from owners of haunted sites

I think my house (or apartment, small business, or other private location) is haunted. Can you investigate it for me?

Not at this time. I recommend contacting anyone in the TAPS family of investigators, or anyone reputable. Of course, you could also try reality show producers, if you don’t mind being on TV.

I own a haunted hotel, castle, or historic, stately home. Can you help me document my site and its ghosts?

Maybe, but it depends on the location and on my schedule. This kind of research is among my specialties.

Book-related questions

I’m a publisher. Can you write a chapter for one of our books?

Maybe. It depends on the topic, your publishing schedule, and how extensive my research notes (footnotes) need to be.

Website-related questions

I want to help you with website design, SEO, monetization, etc., so you can be rich & popular like me. And I’m look for a hot date tonight. Or I need your help to secure the millions of dollars I can’t access in my foreign bank account. And did you know you won a major sweepstakes, I can make you more attractive to the opposite sex, and a total stranger has left his fortune to you?

Umm… no, thanks.  Paranormal investigators aren’t as gullible as you might think.