The following are just a few of the many books Fiona has written or contributed to.Ghost Stories and Haunted Places

Ghosts of Austin, Texas – In this 2007 book, Fiona described ghosts and ghost hunting, published by Schiffer Books. It was written and edited for ghost enthusiasts and tourists visiting Austin. With recent changes in the city, this remains an interesting historical reference, and some of the ghosts still linger in or near their former homes.

Ghost Hunting in Tilton, NH, by Rue Taylor Cote – Fiona contributed ley line information to this guide to ghosts near New Hampshire’s Lakes Region. Other contributors included psychic medium and ghost hunter Lesley Marden, and Boston journalist Jim Fitzgerald.

Kick’n’ Back in Texas (Armchair Reader) – Not just about ghosts, this is an anthology of cool trivia and weird places to visit when you’re in Texas. Fiona wrote many articles for it, and her favorite may be the one about the Marfa Lights.

Weird Hauntings (a Weird U.S. book) – Fiona was among a select group of paranormal experts who shared eerie stories about popular ghost hunting sites.

Weird Encounters (a Weird U.S. book) – Once again, Fiona was among several noted ghost hunters who contributed some of their favorite ghost stories about haunted locations.

Weird, Scary, and Unusual (Armchair Reader) – Fiona researched and wrote several chapters in this huge anthology of eerie stories and strange facts. Now out-of-print (and expensive to own), see if your public library can find a copy you can borrow.

Ghost Hunting – How-to Guides

Fiona has written several how-to books about ghost hunting. Many are now out of print, while others – and newer editions – are in progress.

JournalsMy ghost hunting journal

My Ghost Hunting Journal – A 152-page journal designed for your ghost hunting notes and important records. Formatted pages make it easy to keep accurate records of what you encounter during your investigations.

Is Your House Haunted?  Journal – If your home (or a client’s home) might be haunted, this journal will help you identify what’s going on. With tips for what to look for – and where to find hidden answers – this is the place to start when your home seems to be haunted.


Mandela Effect

From the Mandela Effect archives… Fiona has published over a dozen books including over 10,000 comments – some extremely detailed – describing readers’ Mandela Effect experiences.

SOME OF THESE BOOKS ARE BEING UPDATED, and are not available for purchase.

Book One – 244 comments. [also in paperback] // Book Two – 178 comments. // Book Three – 299 comments. // Book Four – 285 comments. // Book Five – 197 comments. // Book Six – 254 comments. / Book Seven – 299 comments. // Book Eight – 271 comments.  // Book Nine – 451 comments. // Book 10 – 421 comments. // Book 11 – 350 comments. // Book 12 – 351 comments. // Book 13 – 397 comments. // Book 14 & Book 15 – Over 400 comments, combined.

Fiona’s most popular book about the Mandela Effect is the one with hundreds of theories and explanations – most provided by readers, many of them scientists: Mandela Effect Theories and Explanations.