Facebook Changes… and more

After some thought, I’ve deleted my personal Facebook account. I’ve rarely used it since around 2014. Maybe earlier.

(One of my publishers runs the Fiona Broome Facebook fan page. That will remain at Facebook, and I post there, occasionally. And, of course, there’s my Twitter account, which may be more active in the future. That’s still being considered.)

In general, I’m reducing the time I spend, online. That means streamlining my websites and how I share information with friends and fans.

Leaving Facebook was just one of several changes ahead.


This site is in reboot mode. All the freebies are still here. The articles are changing.

ETA for the new site is around June 2017.

Book news

Thanks to new management at the publishing house, most of my books are being updated and re-edited. I’m delighted. Most of them needed improvements.

This means that, short-term, many of them won’t be available through online booksellers.

Wait for the new versions. In addition to updates, they’ll include more personal stories and insights for your own explorations.

I’m planning to write more books, too.

better ways to share stories

In 1999, when I left GeoCities and launched HollowHill.com (my first paranormal website), that website was one of the few ghost hunting resources online.

People would spend hours reading one article after another, in sequence.

By 2004, thousands of people had leaped onto the ghost hunting bandwagon. Everyone had an opinion, or a story to share.

But, as of 2017, most of those websites are neglected or they’ve been deleted.

Today, people searching for ghost hunting information have specific questions in mind.

But, when they visit my other sites — like EncounterGhosts.com and Ghosts101.com — they’re likely to land on an article that’s in the middle of a series.

Maybe they find what they’re looking for. Maybe they don’t.

Now, sequential website articles aren’t the best way to share my stories or my ghost hunting insights.

Note: This isn’t my own realization. It’s eloquently explained in a Kindle book called, Kill Your Blog. (Yes, that’s a harsh title, and the author’s pen name is regrettable. But, his logic and advice are sound.)

However, stand-alone articles, podcasts, videos, and free courses are useful. With my publisher’s help, you’ll see more of them in the near future.

My goal is to make ghost hunting more accessible and interesting. That’s why I’m using this opportunity to change… well, almost everything.

Stay tuned for updates. I’ll share them here.