Fiona’s Field Guide to Entities and How They Manifest

Some ghost-like things aren’t ghosts.  Often, you can tell the difference. Sometimes, you can’t… not easily, and especially if you don’t know what those things are or what they can and can’t do.

Most of them aren’t dangerous, but they won’t respond to investigators, ghost hunting tools, or remedies the same as ghosts do.

A few are dangerous. They do intend to hurt people.  It’s important to know what they are and how to recognize them.

Do you know the tell-tale signs to identify that weird entity in the basement or out in the woods?

Download Fiona’s Field Guide to Entities and How They Manifest. It’s a single page (PDF) summarizing the key points that seem to separate ghosts from shadow people, demons, angels & spirit guides, crypto critters, faeries, and poltergeists.

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For more information like this, see Fiona’s 2014 edition of Ghosts – What They Are and What They Aren’t.

In it, you’ll learn more about things that aren’t ghosts: How they manifest differently from (or the same as) ghosts. What the risks are. What to do if you encounter one. Where to turn, if you need help or more information.


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Ghosts – What They Are and What They’re Aren’t

Ghosts – What They Are and What They Aren’t, by Fiona Broome, helps ghost hunters recognize when an entity is not a ghost… and what (if anything) to do about it.

The updated 2014 Kindle edition is now available at all Amazon stores, including and

You’ll also find it at iTunes, Kobo and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

Publisher’s book description

GhostsWTA-2014-350hGhosts.  You’ve seen them on TV and in movies.  Maybe you’ve been on a ghost tour, or visited a haunted hotel.

However, if something seems paranormal but it’s not a typical ghost, what else might it be?  And, could it be dangerous?

In this book, paranormal researcher Fiona Broome draws on over 30 years’ experience to explain what we know about ghosts, so far.  Then, she describes other paranormal entities that can be confused with ghosts.

What else might seem like a ghost?

  • Shadow people.
  • Demons.
  • Poltergeists.
  • Cryptozoological creatures (more than just Bigfoot).
  • Angels and spirit guides.
  • Aliens.
  • Faeries.

Ms.Broome explains the basic differences in how these entities manifest… how they’re like ghosts and how they’re different.

If you’re investigating (or living in) a house that might be haunted, and you’ve ruled out normal explanations, it’s still too soon to assume it’s a ghost.

This book explains what else your “ghost” might be, and whether you should be concerned about it.

Read Ghosts: What They Are and What They Aren’t to understand what to watch for — and watch out for — as you evaluate things that go bump in the night.

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Ley Lines for Ghost Hunters

Ley Lines for Ghost Hunters, by Fiona BroomeLey Lines for Ghost Hunters, by Fiona Broome, brings ghost enthusiasts a new approach to finding and evaluating haunted sites.

Note: This book is currently out-of-print. The new, expanded edition is expected in 2014.
It will include sample maps from the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

Start with a map, a few ghostly (or just plain weird) locations, and a ruler. Add Fiona’s insights.

You’ll connect the dots (literally and figuratively) to understand why the ghosts hang out where they do.  Then, you’ll use those same lines to uncover hidden treasures among “wicked good” haunted sites. Then, you’ll discover how to dig up even more locations where you may find ghosts.

Since 2003, Fiona has been testing ley lines for ghost hunting.  She’s the first paranormal researcher to share this technique with the ley lines community. She’s also the first to document the energy lines that connect haunted places, and to use them to find unreported ghosts, as well.

This is a short introduction, part of a series of books teaching paranormal researchers how to use ley lines in new ways.  Once you know how to use ley lines for your ghost hunting, you’ll be able to predict where else the ghosts are… with uncanny accuracy.


Publisher’s book description

Ley lines can point the way to unreported paranormal sites. They may be the most intensely haunted sites you’ll ever explore.

In this book, you’ll learn to connect paranormal locations on a map, plotting ley lines… your own ghostly “treasure maps,” leading you to more haunted places.

Discover what ley lines are, how they work for ghost hunters, and how you can create these surprisingly accurate maps, no matter where you are.

Get ready to learn about paranormal activity at new, hidden, and “hiding in plain sight” locations. This is your guidebook to fresh encounters of the ghostly kind.

Kick’n’ Back in Texas

Kick'n' Back in Texas, stories by Fiona BroomeKick’n’ Back in Texas is a collection of stories, legends, historical tidbits, and trivia about the Lone Star State.

Fiona Broome was among more than a dozen noted authors who shared their experiences and insights about life (and haunts) in Texas.

Among her stories in this anthology:

  • Learn about the UFO that crashed in Aurora, Texas… 50 years before something similar fell out of the sky and landed in Roswell, New Mexico.
  • Discover what makes Texas’ “blue light” cemeteries more than an Aisle 7 special. (There’s a logical explanation, but even that has a paranormal twist.)
  • Speaking of lights, get the inside story on Texas’ famous “Marfa Lights.”
  • Take a quick tour of the five most haunted places in Texas.
  • Explore the chilling history of Austin’s own “Jack the Ripper.”  When he stopped his killing spree in Texas, did he flee to the heart of London, England? Dig up the evidence that points to that conclusion.

In over 270 pages of fact, folklore, and fascinating stories — many of them written by Fiona Broome — you’ll discover things about the Lone Star State that will amaze, amuse, and intrigue you.

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Ghost Photography 101

GhPh101IP-350Ghost Photography 101 was first published in 2011. The first edition is now out-of-print.

A new edition — with updated tips and fresh insights — is planned for 2016.

Fiona flippantly describes this book as “something to offend almost every paranormal investigator, from believers to skeptics.”

Publisher’s book description

Ghost photos… are they real?

* Is that orb just dust or pollen or fog?
* Is that vortex actually a piece of hair?
* Is that apparition really smoke?

Chances are, the answer is no.

Professional photographer (and paranormal researcher) Fiona Broome shows the results of over six years of experiments with a variety of cameras, testing the normal explanations for orbs, vortices, and eerie figures.

Her conclusions…? She — and many other experts — have been wrong about anomalies: As the subtitle says, it’s not just dust.

Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, this book contains something to shock (or at least annoy) almost everyone who thought they understood ghost photos.

Written for beginning and intermediate ghost hunters, this 180+ page book tells you:

* How to select a camera.
* What settings to use.
* Where to take photos.
* How to decide if they’re really ghosts.

However, even professionals will find some unsettling ideas and disturbing evidence in this book.

Fiona invites you to try these same tests. Prove her wrong, if you can.

You may never look at “ghost photos” the same way, again.

For more information about ghost photography, see the ghost photos articles , and anything with the tag of “cameras,” at

Weird, Scary, and Unusual

Weird-Scary-350hArmchair Reader: Weird, Scary and Unusual‘ takes you on a hair-raising journey through the realm of the baffling, unexplained, and paranormal.  Join Fiona Broome, the author of many of these eerie stories, as you explore ghost stories, tales of crypto zoology, and just plain creepy events around the world.

If you’re a fan of strange facts and eerie tales, this is the book for you.  You’ll chuckle over just plain silly stories, like the truth behind “Milli Vanilli” and wacky Jelly Belly flavors.  You’ll shiver as you read disturbing, freaky facts.

And then, you’ll pull the covers over your head as you read Fiona’s research into fact and fiction at the Amityville Horror house, the Bell Witch, and the real “Hound of the Baskervilles.”

Discover presidential peculiarities, strange catastrophes, and Michigan’s real-life superheroes… including some who wear costumes.  Learn about animals that stood trial for their crimes, and those like “Mike the Headless Chicken” that defied the laws of nature.

This 500-page book will provide many hours of weird, scary and unusual entertainment, and stories you’ll want to explore on your own.

Buy it now at

Fiona Broome’s Sampler

FionaBroomes-Sampler-350hFiona Broome’s Sampler, by Fiona Broome.

This signed, limited-edition book was published especially for Dragon*Con 2010.

Just 20 copies were printed, signed and numbered, and distributed to selected friends attending Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia during the Labor Day weekend in 2010.

Each chapter was an excerpt from one of Fiona’s recent and upcoming books, as of 2010.

Chapters included:

  • Paranormal Patterns.
  • Paragenealogy.
  • Ghost Photography 101.
  • Introduction to Ghost Hunting.
  • Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries.
  • Is My House Haunted?
  • The Mandela Effect.
  • The Ghosts of Salem, Massachusetts.

This book will not be reprinted, and no additional copies are available.

Weird Encounters

WeirdEncounters-350hWeird Encounters is the sequel to Weird Hauntings… another eerie, quirky book from the Weird U.S. team.

In 75 more strange tales — by ghost hunters such as Jeff Belanger, Fiona Broome, Jeff Davis, Scott A. Johnson, Troy Taylor, and over a dozen others — you’ll discover a wide variety of creepy haunts.

In this book, Fiona delivers more chilling information about Gilson Road Cemetery… possibly the most reliably haunted cemetery in New Hampshire, just over the border from Massachusetts.

In Boogeymen at Brennan’s, Fiona describes several agreeable ghosts who haunt Brennan’s, one of New Orleans’ most beloved restaurants deep in the stylish French Quarter.  One of them is the chef who invented the classic dessert,  Bananas Foster, lighting up restaurants across America.

If you’re planning a ghostly journey around Louisiana, be sure to read Fiona’s description of haunted Houmas House.  Once the home of the man who designed the “stars & bars” flag, associated with the Civil War, this home is haunted by a variety of strange spirits from a little girl to an extraordinarily tall former slave.

Fiona also tells the story the intriguing Wentworth wraiths, the ghostly maids leave no footsteps in dusty corridors rarely visited by the public.

From nightmarish nights out to haunted colleges and “institutional apparitions” such as the chilling ghosts that haunt Waverly Hills Sanatorium, you’ll find plenty of great stories — and reasons to sleep with the light on — between the covers of this can’t-stop-reading book.


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