The Mandela Effect Site is Back… Sort of

Is this actually big news…? Maybe.

Unexpected? Probably.

The short version is: We now have a Mandela Effect YouTube channel.

And, as of a few hours ago, the two Mandela Effect videos that were at my ghost-related YouTube channel are now at the new Mandela Effect YouTube channel.

I’ve also added a YouTube Shorts video – less than a minute long – for those who have a passing interest in the Mandela Effect topic.

I’ll be adding content to both of my YouTube channels (the Mandela Effect one, and the ghost-hunting one) over the next few days, and then as time permits.

Here are the (boring?) details…

My long-time URL,, now redirects to the Mandela Effect YouTube channel I’m working on. (That redirect may take up to 48 hours to resolve. Later, I may change the name of the channel, but my URL will still redirect there.)

So far, that YouTube channel contains the two Mandela Effect videos that had been at my ghost-related YouTube channel. (We’ve moved the videos, and fixed the subtitles so – finally – they’re readable.)

I’ve also created a one-minute video, explaining what the Mandela Effect is.

In the next few days, this new YouTube channel will feature more new YouTube Shorts (videos that are one minute or less) on the Mandela Effect topic. (That’s just the beginning. I’m working on this as fast as I can.)


The Mandela Effect WordPress site has been updated as well, and it’s now using the URL of

Here’s why I’m making these dramatic changes.

The Mandela Effect videos never fit the topic of my ghost hunting YouTube channel.

I just didn’t know where else to put them.

And really, the hyperbole around the Mandela Effect topic had become so preposterous — and volatile — I thought I’d never talk about it again. (I know, “never say never,” right? lol )

Early yesterday morning  – around 3 AM – after reading the great, recent CNN article about the Mandela Effect, I woke up realizing that the Mandela Effect topic is now mainstream enough to encourage calm, genuine conversations. I’m hopeful.

NOTE: This does NOT mean I’m able to read or reply to emails or comments about that topic. Halloween – my busiest ghost-related time of year – is almost here, and I’m far behind on projects I’d promised my fans.

Mostly, I realized that YouTube could resolve two of my biggest Mandela Effect website problems: Inflammatory comments and website hosting costs.

Here’s why YouTube seems to be the answer:

    • YouTube blocks the most extreme comments, while allowing continued dialogue among viewers with a genuine interest in the topic.
    • YouTube can handle the massive traffic that the Mandela Effect topic seems to attract.

So, I’m pleased, and hoping this works.

Of course, some people will ask about the channel earning money. As if it’s immoral or something.

I addressed that general topic last March, when I more-or-less formally – and finally – “retired” from publishing my Mandela Effect research and participating in conversations.

But yes, in the future, with enough YouTube channel subscribers and a massive number of viewing hours, I may qualify for income from the ads YouTube displays with almost all of my videos.

(YouTube doesn’t approve all channels for that, and it’s not why I’ve created the channel. In fact, it’s a fairly moot point; for an income of about two cents for each view, I’m not seeing dollar signs in this move. It’s just saving me hosting bills. And time.)

For me, YouTube seems be a place where – once again – the origins of the Mandela Effect topic (and my actual opinions on it) can be seen, and friends’ conversations can continue.

Will this work…? I have no clue, but it seems worth a try.

(And yes, there will be trolls at YouTube. It’s the Internet. Do your best to ignore them, okay…?)

This was not an easy decision for me, and we’ve spent the past ~48 hours making the initial changes. It’s been a LOT of work.

However, I’m hopeful that — once and for all — YouTube solves the biggest problems related to sharing my original content. And, at the same time, it’s a place where people can comment and have conversations about this topic.