What’s Next for Fiona

What's next for me - Mandela Effect, Ghost Hunting, and more

Here’s what happened early in March 2023.

In late February, once again,  the Mandela Effect website needed to be moved to new hosting. (Spikes in interest – and traffic – have always been an issue. Every year or two, I have to switch to increasingly high-powered hosting. The continued interest in the topic astonishes me.)

So, at my Facebook Page, I let people know about the pending move.

On March 7th, I announced that the actual move was in progress.

Also, in response to some very demanding comments, I explained that – receiving 1k to 5k emails/day – there’s no way I can read every email sent to me, much less reply to them.

And frankly, I don’t have anything new to say about the Mandela Effect.

Until science can offer better explanations for the more extreme anomalies (the ones that aren’t simple confusion, media errors, or memory glitches), and resolve the archaic aspects of Newtonian physics, it’s all speculation.

The Facebook comments that followed were even more unattractive. They were insulting. Abusive. Worrisome.

Most were so inflammatory that Facebook automatically hid them from public view, though I could read and delete them. (And did so.)

Here’s what I said, after a bout of well-earned, knee-wobbling mix of rage and anxiety:

Yes, I deleted my most recent post, explaining that the Mandela Effect website was (finally) being installed at new hosting.
Facebook did a good job of hiding the most troubling comments and retorts, so others couldn’t see them.
But, in light of the vitriol I’ve just read and deleted, it’s time for me to step back from the Mandela Effect altogether.
What started as a fun, speculative conversation back in 2009 has become something so apparently polarizing, I’m appalled.
I wish all good things to those who continue related research and conversations.
After today, it’s not something that I can pursue.

So, now you know why I’ve done a quick U-turn regarding website hosting for my Mandela Effect (dot com) site.

At least for now, I’ve retired it.

What’s Next for MandelaEffect.com

The most important articles and comments from the Mandela Effect website are still available and free to read, in my Mandela Effect archives ebooks(Note: As an author and Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

As I see it, the Mandela Effect was just a quirky topic I put online to see if anyone else had the same mistaken memory (about Nelson Mandela’s death) that I did.

It’s not like I’ve welcomed the fame/notoriety that surged about five years later.

I certainly haven’t commercialized the topic as others have. The books and movies referencing the Mandela Effect…? Their producers never contacted me. Ditto Mandela Effect events and conferences.

I’ve never run ads on my website, either.

(Over the past 14 years, I’ve earned less than $1k from the topic, including my books, total. That hasn’t even covered the Mandela Effect site’s hosting bills, for heaven’s sake.)

It’s time for me to shift my resources to my longer-term interests. The ones where I have expertise.

Please do NOT try to contact me about the Mandela Effect.

What’s Next for Me

I’ve decided to follow the examples of J.D. Salinger, et al, and focus on my work.

I’ll continue to study paranormal phenomena (but not the Mandela Effect).

Over the next few months, I’ll streamline my ghost-related websites so they’re easier to navigate. Essential information will be easier to find.

I’ll also share my best – and fresh – observations and discoveries in books and videos.

    • YouTube videos are free to watch. They can reach a wide audience, perhaps even wider than my websites have.
    • Related books, especially printed books, will allow me to continue my work with fewer distractions.
    • My ghost-related ebooks will be free for the first three months (or more). Portions of them will be in audiobooks, free to listen to, as well.

In general, I love fun speculation about odd and unexplained phenomena. I thrive on mutually respectful conversations with a sci-fi undertone. The “what if…?” questions are what most intrigue me.

But what I don’t like is being treated like an unpaid servant (at best), and expected to spend my days and nights replying to repetitive comments and emails.

And that’s why I needed time to reflect, and why I’ve made – and will continue to make – radical changes in my online presence.